Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Bullet time.

  • I read Room today. I really liked it. I don't read much these days, and I couldn't put it down.
  • I went into the shop last night and tried on heaps of clothes. It is the first time I've done it, and it was amazing, like having my own personal, well, shop (which I suppose I do have). I bought myself this and one of these (not pictured).
  • Things are much better than they were. We got back most of our money for the crashed car in Australia, which was great. We don't tend to take out the insurance on rental cars, and even though we've been caught out the last couple of times, we only actually lost a couple of hundred of bucks, which is what we would have lost if we'd taken out insurance, and not used it. Sounds very circular, I know, but we're happy.
  • The shops are ace. Winter was pretty grim, the recession kicked in, but basically we just realised that last year was blimming cruisy, and the shops are still viable. Talk to any retailer, and this is the year the recession bit. Plus things are definitely on the up now, and we're really enjoying them.
  • I got a new camera, look! It's suddenly like I can actually take photos, even if I can't put them prettily in the blog.
  • IMG_0081.JPG
  • Now I have to go and watch *cough* Glee. Wheeeeee!
  • Oh frack, seems something on my site is misbehaving, and I'm going to have to remove all the links (which were terribly out of date anyway, but still, wish I didn't have to.

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