Friday, February 09, 2007

The Great Blend

The reason for the drunken ramble last night was the drinking of the alcohol. Who knew all that wine and beer would get me all pissed? Best not do that again. I'm feeling a bit poorly today, but nothing copious amounts of free Karajoz coffee (thanks Karajoz!) and Arnott's Mint Slice biscuits won't fix.

The Great Blend was, well, a great blend. It was a great blend of people, and a great blend of discussion and humour. The Back of the Y boys were funny, and at one point I actually SNORTED. I am all class.

The last Great Blend was in July, and in July I hadn't really met many internet types. Now I'm an old pro (does anyone else think of prostitutes every time they hear that?). Ms Hubris was there, preparing herself for a swim later, Ms Ratpony was there and I forgot to say again how much I love the CD (I love the CD!), I finally met Mr Farrar, which was a great pleasure, Mr Beard was there and also Mr Tibby (who I really tactifully asked about his heart - note to self, try being more tactful), the divine Mr Brown hosted the whole shebang, and should be given an Order of New Zealand honour (RIP MacDiarmid). Ms Tyler was there too, I'm Robin and she is Batman. The gorgeous Ms Sarah came, and let me drunken ramble at her all the way home.

There were other people too, ones who don't have addresses I can link to - real people who probably value their privacy.

There was much Monteiths consumed, which ran out in about 47 seconds. Apparently there was food too, but anyone knows that eating is cheating.

I'm exhausted after all that linky stuff. It doesn't suit my personality type to actually do things that take more than 2 minutes, so I'm going to have a lie down and recover.


styler said...

I might just have to spend the whole weekend recovering. And you forgot the best part which was glen flashing his scar, all the chicks totally dug it

Joanna said...

I spent half an hour brushing the dreads out of my hair tonight. I LOVE YOU SUE!

Mike Riversdale said...

I know it's somewhere but, um, can you explain to me (point me to) the Great Blend - franks

Martha Craig said...

Oops, sorry, that was one link I forgot!,3903,

Mike Riversdale said...


So it's a get together of liked minded tech/blog/new media/film type people ... is it?

I s'pose I should just go and find out for myself!

Martha Craig said...

I think it would be your cup of tea, or glass of chardonnay. It is good fun, although the temptation to go outside and mingle is strong.