Wednesday, November 24, 2010


We just want to send our deepest sympathies to all the families and friends of those poor men in the mine who lost their lives. My dad is from the West Coast and we know what an amazing, tight knit community it is. It must be terrible there at the moment, our thoughts are with you.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

For the 2 people who haven't seen this, you've been missing out

It is almost December, what gives?

I've had a great day. The lovely Kim tweeted that she had some Toast Martinborough tickets, and quick as you like I snaffled 'em up. My very kind parents obligingly took the kiddies for us, and Glen and I hooned over to Martinborough. It was so pleasant, we don't do much that isn't work or child related, so hanging out together scoffing yummy food was great. I was driving, so I took delicate sips of yummy wine, and we blew our $80 worth of festival francs in very quick time (a single paua fritter, with a sprig of watercress on a little plastic plate was $25, shock). We had a nice walk around and were happy to leave to collect the kids after a couple of hours.

Bullets will have to cover the rest, because I have emails to wade through and bills to pay. I've realised this is why I fail to blog, I open the laptop and am compelled to deal with the flood of work stuff before I can venture further, and the work stuff just keeps coming...

  • We had a wonderful Christmas shopping night in Mt Vic on Thursday, so we've decided to do the same in Petone this coming Thursday (the 25th), there'll be wine, lollies, discounts, giveaways, it will be great fun.
  • My friend Katie recommended Sons of Anarchy, it is good, but my god what a raw, vicious world. I'm going to persist because Katie has great taste, but I think I'll have to steel myself with whisky, like that bloke who had his tattoo torched off. Actually whisky might be necessary each time I remember it.
  • We're going camping very soon after Christmas. I am very, very excited. We bought a tent years ago (it was one of those things we got before the third baby appeared), and this will be our first time using it.
  • I've got nothing else to say really. I'm a bit knackered from all the being a wino with all the luvvies, bogans and 18 year olds.