Tuesday, May 31, 2005

I put my pride in my pocket

I've been trying to resist writing another post on the Dancing with the Stars. However I have to put it out there - Theresa and Peter have been wronged by the nation!

I hated the character of Carmen on Shorties, but I am now able to see that Theresa Healey is COOL. And her partner was about the coolest looking, grown up Eddie Munster (in a good way), I have even seen. And he wore a 'fro - which happens to be a very cool look for ballroom dancing.

I almost voted. I'm having regrets. Theresa's charity was Cystic Fibrosis too, which is a charity close to our hearts. Malo tested positive with CF from his Guthries test. Thankfully after 4 anxious days wait we found out he is only a carrier (like his mum and grandfather as it turns out).

Bugger. I should've voted. Although I think Tim Shadbolt is pretty cool too. Much cooler than Shane and Nerida.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Lamingtons are brilliant

Lamingtons are brilliant
Originally uploaded by Wanda Harland.

Look at this kiwi icon. Chocolate lamingtons on a yellow formica table.

I'm very pleased with my first attempt, although next time I'll make the icing runnier.

Maybe I should actually make something a little classier next time? Nah.

The Cable Car is lovely

We went out today and caught the cable car from the top to the bottom and then back again. I used to catch it a lot up to Victoria, but I don't think I've been on it since. It is such a cool thing, goes every 10 minutes and is cheap as chips. When we were in Christchurch we fancied taking the boys on the tram and it was $12.50 per adult. The cable car set us all back $7.20. It was great to see that it was pretty full both ways too.

Rugby post (for the boys - and girls that like that kind of thing)

Yay the Crusaders! Yes I'm from Canterbury, so moments such as this I can feel a little smug (well, once the Hurricanes were knocked out).

Did you notice the Waratahs hairdos though? They screamed loser. As soon as I saw the team mullets I knew we'd win.

Okay, so not a very in depth rugby analysis. I stopped pretending to give a toss about rugby some years ago.

Mosaic tiling

I was watching Frontseat this morning at 6.30. I was dead chuffed to catch it, because usually I'm well on the way to sleep when it screens on Sunday night.

They had a story which was all scathing of the government, because night classes are being threatened with fee increases on the back of all the palaver around dodgy polytech and Wananga courses (like singalong guitar and suchlike).

Now, I love arts shows, and wish there were more and that they were on at a civilised hour. But (and remember to ignore everything before the but), Frontseat showed absolutely zero objectivity. They had the gall to show all these nice, white, middle aged women sitting around at Wellington High doing Mosaic-ing and suggest that for some reason we the taxpayer should continue to fully (well almost fully )fund them.

I'm all for free education, but I'm just not confident that learning to tile mosaic is really enriching the state of the nation. Same applies for the photographic class where they tried to justify continued high levels of funding because one woman had found that she wanted to be a photographer after doing the class.

As I understand it the classes cost about $80 a term. I really think that perhaps people could dip a little deeper in their pockets and pay for their own hobbies. And I firmly believe that Frontseat can give us better reporting.

Or am I being affected subconsciously by all this talk about tax cuts?

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Text God

It seems prayers no longer cut the mustard with the big guy. He has got himself a mobile phone and ain't afraid to use it. According to the ad just text 5600 "Lord" and he'll respond with warming advice and encouragement.

Interestingly, if you text 5600 "star" he'll send you a horoscope. I guess even the good lord has to pay the bills.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Let me count the ways...

Well here is my bit for Wellingtonist

I arrived in Wellington in 1985 at the age of 12 from Christchurch. I had no say in the matter and remained miserable for at least 3 months. Since then I'm pleased as punch to live here and can't ever imagine leaving.

When we arrived we stayed at the Sharella Motor Inn on Glenmore St. Here was the first highlight of living in a new town - restaurant meals all day (well, until we got a house). I still remember the chicken breast with garlic butter. Luxury.

I went to Raphael House Rudolf Steiner School. The school was new, and little was known about it. Consequently of the 17 students in my class, about 12 had severe behavioural problems. It was very different from my nice Christchurch Steiner school.

The following year I went to Onslow College - bless. Cool school, lots of great people. We were regarded as a bit of a rebel school back then, which is quite good when you're a teenager. You can be considered a rebel without actually having to rebel.

Following secondary school I spent more than a few years getting a BA in politics and Art History. This is where I found out that there really aren't many people who originally come from Wellington. I spent plenty of time at Bodega and at Trekkers consuming $2 pints. I saw loads of great bands and met many bosom buddies (gotta love the word bosom).

Since then I've worked as a florist, a caterer, a wine ho, a business owner, a receptionist, a historical researcher, a marketing researcher and a mother (amongst other things).

I love Wellington because it has everything. It has snazzy bars and dingy bars and good museums and art galleries and festivals and great food and great coffee.

There isn't much I don't like. I'm with Alan in wishing Wellington was located a bit further south, but what can you do?

The big downside of Wellington is that lots of people have left for bigger pastures. While I enjoy the comfortable nature of the place I don't think it has quite the glamour that a lot of people aspire to - nor the publishing industry. All my good journo friends have ended up in Auckland or overseas.

I don't rate the weather much either. Perhaps we should look at relocating to Samoa or somewhere nice and toasty. Like they say though, you can't beat Wellington on a good day. And now we have our new gas fire - well, our place is dead nice. Which is another good thing about Wellington - we have gas on tap. Many places aren't so fortunate and have to heft around gas bottles if they want to cook well. Poor bastards.

I really like the fact that when I resume a night-life that doesn't involve people under 3 I'll know where to go, and I'll see people I know. I like that Wellington is on the news everyday and that National Radio is here (now that I'm middle aged!).

Anyhow, here are a few of my favourite things:
The sandpit at Te Papa
Clarks Cafe
Miyabi Sushi
The waterfront
The crane boat Hikitia
Wanting to drive onto the ferry when you drive into Wellington in the morning
Cuba St in the weekend
Moore Wilson's Fresh
The zoo
Petone... of course.

And I like this newfound blogging community that feel like good mates.



I am third on the search for "pictures of the yellow wiggle Murray Cook at his wedding".

As Rove would say - what the?

People keep getting my site when they do Wiggles searches. It is a little bit heartbreaking really, because when someone plugs in "Wiggles lyrics" they're probably not that interested in which Wiggle I would do.

The above searcher from Canada isn't a true fan though. Murray is the red Wiggle. Loser.

Monday, May 23, 2005

The Savoy Tearooms in Waimate

The Savoy Tearooms in Waimate
The Savoy Tearooms in Waimate,
originally uploaded by Wanda Harland.
Here I am enjoying a delicious feast at the Savoy Tearooms in Waimate. We went there on the recommendation of my friend Megan - a good Waimate girl from way back. It was a bit of a detour to get there, but worth every minute. So much so that on our northwards return journey we detoured there again - this pic is from the second visit.



An aural symphony is taking place in our house. I've just discovered how easy it is to download CDs onto the computer, and I'm finally understanding why everyone is so excited about ipods. What I want to know from one of you computer genius' (genii?) is how wireless can we make it? Could we for instance get a device which plugs into our stereo that is like a receiver from our computer? And does this make any sense?

To explain a bit. We have virtually no storage in our small mansion, and the CDs are almost impossible to access. We also have a little fairly underwhelming stereo that doesn't do any tricky, random, cd stacker type things.

Not really sure what I'm asking. However I want to hear lots of expert advice about what my listening habits should be.

Then I'll go and buy me some nice new music. On the wish list Phoenix Foundation, Toy Love, Fat Freddy's Drop (for starters).

Music trivia. During my last labour I listened to Phoenix Foundation and Beta Band. I still can't really enjoy Beta Band. I'll get there though.

Musical memories eh? But that's another story (eh Mike).


Like a big fat christmas present, there was a message on the phone saying that kindy is ready for Finn. Imagine, 3 days a week I'll have free afternoons! I'm quite stunned as Finn isn't 3 until July, and I was under the impression he wouldn't be able to start kindy for a few months after that.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Sweet lord I'm home again

We've had the most extraordinary week. I will very briefly outline the highlights (as it is 8.35pm and I am now accustomed to 7.30pm lights out).

Saturday we picked up the campervan at the airport and took the most death defying ride over the port hills to Governors Bay. Saw more relatives than I've seen in one spot for about 20 years. It was lovely and I had wine. Saturday night we watched old family vids and I had some more wine. This was before I knew how little small children will sleep in a campervan, so it was my latest night.

Sunday we made a plunger in the Merivale Mall carpark. We felt like Kel and Kath at the airport. We also went to the Dux de Luxe, but who wants to hear about us doing cool stuff?

I've just realised this could take forever if I keep up at this rate.

Umm, highlights.

Night at Peel forest. Bit spooky as Finn would say. Lovely.

Night in Oamaru. Oamaru! We saw our friend and had pizza and admired his lolly boxes (he is an artist disguised as a graphic designer).

Excellent evening in Purakanui with 2 aunties. Nice early start and a look around Dunners. Had a latte in a milkshake glass at St Clair. Pretty flash. Like a grownups milkshake.

Early morning walk around Moeraki. Without wanting to share the secret, Moeraki is the NICEST place in the world. Bar none. Don't go there, you might spoil it.

Savoy tearooms in Waimate. We went there twice (and it is a detour). Do go there. It is like going back to another time zone, and their cream buns are amazing. They also do a steak and bluff oyster pie. Flash!

Methven was BORING. We were going to stay there, but it was terrible. Nearby though was Rakaia Gorge and it was magnificent. When I have the energy I'll download the pics to flickr.

Back in Christchurch we touristed it and went up the gondola. Also hung out with excellent cousins, whose blogs I'll link to now.

Nice to be back.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Over and out

No more posts for a week or so while we're away. I imagine this comes as somewhat of a blessing, as for 2 weeks all I've had to write about is the plague.

Viva Waimate! Viva Oamaru! Viva Hamner Springs!


And burglars, someone is housesitting. So there.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


So how come Prince Harry gets to be Wales? I've checked, and his surname is Windsor (yes, I knew, but then how embarrassing if I wrote it was and it wasn't).

Maybe he gets to choose a nickname? Surely you'd pick "Rock" or "Pistol" or "Terrier" or something though.

Yes, he is Prince of Wales (I checked this too, just in case). But I'm sure if I tried to get into Sandringham they'd run a mile (or make me) if I asked to be known as Petone.


I just need a whinge, and who better to complain to that a group of strangers who read my life?

WE'RE ALL BLOODY SICK. Hence my lack of regular updates. I've been speaking down the big white phone or whatever it is you do.

It is my fault. A week ago I was smugly saying "I just don't get vomity sick". I should have known better.

It has been utter crap. Glen is also sick and the boys are not in top form, so nobody is able to look after anyone and we're all feeling housebound and fed up.

Here endeth my whinge.


Saturday, May 07, 2005

Satdee night

Well obviously every other blogger in the universe has some kind of social life as there are no new posts and nothing to read. Does this mean you're all out? Watching the footy? Interested in Battlestar Galactica?

I've had a shabby day. After 3 days of Finn throwing up, Malo decided to jump on the bandwagon. This meant I missed my one party of the week - a one year olds birthday party - actually, it would have been fantastic as her parents are doyen/nes of socialising and very fabulous.

In fact when I got in the car this morning to pick up a new clothesline from Mitre 10 Mega (go Petone!) I realised that I haven't left the 'hood for a good 5 days.

At least everything is peaceful here for the minute as I have a nice sauv and Glen watches the rugby.

Might just secretly upgrade that flickr membership too, shhhh.

Lovely big deck

Our beautiful deck is finished. The builder was fantastic and has done a marvellous job. I think he is probably a bit sick of me raving, but it is so lovely. I will post some photos when I convince Glen that we need to upgrade our flickr account - I've filled it up already this month.

We had some wines on it last night, but as it was a fairly freezing cold evening it was a brief session.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

We're all going on a freezing cold winter holiday

I am unspeakably excited about a holiday we are embarking on in a couple of weeks. We are starting in Christchurch for my grandmother's 80th birthday. It will be lovely as heaps of family are descending.

After that we're going to take off in a big ole campervan for a week of living by our wits around the South Island.

Can't wait can't wait can't wait.

The campervan has 6 berths - count them - 6! And a loo, and a telly (although of course we won't look at it as we'll be looking at nature).

We'll visit our old flatmate in Oamaru (no, we didn't live there, but he does now). And we'll go and see my aunty in Purakanui (which I always spell wrong - it is near Port Chalmers) and it will all be splendid. We might go to Fiordland, or the Catlins, or a camping ground in Rangiora. The world is our oyster. Oh oysters. Maybe Bluff.

Can't wait can't wait can't wait.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Celebrant update

I have gone all and got the celebrant forms. I have also asked some people to write testimonials about my greatness.

The forms are a little tricky really as I have to come up with some unique properties that make me right for the job. I thought, easy - how many celebrants can there be in Petone who will do nice civil union services? The answer is at least one who lives about 10 houses down from me. I'm going to have to go for the (slightly more) youth(ful) vote - and hope she is old.

I also think club affiliations and volunteer work are not going to be one of my strengths. Plunket anyone? Before children I did some work on Active 89fm, but honestly that was a very little a very long time ago. I've also done some art gallery minding, and my last job was so poorly paid it was virtually volunteer. I'm just not sure they're going to buy it though.

Nevermind, onwards and upwards. At the very least it will be something I can blog about.

Shameless plug #1

Here I go shamelessly plugging my Unky Paul's album by his band Toy Love

It is truly very good and has terrific art work and liner notes and is marvellous for vigorous dancing with anyone you please, but 2 year olds are receptive.

The more observant amongst you will notice my link. Thank you Jessie. Basically I have been stuffing up the bit where you put the bit you want to see in. Which is as good a sentence as my linking ability. All of which will improve.

Now fingers crossed for the reveal. And do buy the album.

Martha's favourite game

Over the years I have come up with different ways of entertaining myself. My current favourite requires:

  • A 2 year old (although other ages would probably work)
  • A victim (spouse or partner ideal)
  • Knowledge of victim's most loathed music artist


Teach child to say "Phil Collins is Daddy's favourite".

You'll laugh a lot, child will laugh a lot, and basically almost everyone is happy.

When spouse tries to teach 2 year old "Celine Dion is Mummy's favourite" it won't work. You've already made the best joke, and child knows this.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Finally I conquer technology

Yay for Flickr, finally something I can get my head around. Isn't it great? I'm going to transfer everything there now. Only problem is since I've had a child (and a digital camera for that matter) I seem to have only taken pictures of children. I am going to have to get a bit more creative, and also prove that I am capable of socialising with adults.

I'll conquer those links yet. I'm leaving that for a while, I've found it a bit traumatic being a failure.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Jolly Malo

Jolly Malo
Jolly Malo,
originally uploaded by Wanda Harland.
Well here I am getting experimental on your arse again. We'll see how it pans out!

Come dancing

Oh god. I got totally suckered into the dancing show on TV1 last night. I couldn't help myself at all, it was like passing an accident. Horrible but total rubbernecking material. I managed to miss seeing Nikki Watson dance - I probably wouldn't have lasted until the end of the show had I realised. I did manage to catch Tim Shadbolt, Ewan Gilmour, Norm Hewitt (who thought his rugby mates might think him a wuss - hello!) and Georgina Beyer.

I'd like to think I'm not going to watch it again, though Sunday night telly being the complete shite it is guarantees I'll be watching the bloody final in 6 weeks time.

I also suspect Georgina won't be making the final. I'm not sure New Zealand can handle those close pelvises on a Sunday night.