Saturday, May 21, 2005

Sweet lord I'm home again

We've had the most extraordinary week. I will very briefly outline the highlights (as it is 8.35pm and I am now accustomed to 7.30pm lights out).

Saturday we picked up the campervan at the airport and took the most death defying ride over the port hills to Governors Bay. Saw more relatives than I've seen in one spot for about 20 years. It was lovely and I had wine. Saturday night we watched old family vids and I had some more wine. This was before I knew how little small children will sleep in a campervan, so it was my latest night.

Sunday we made a plunger in the Merivale Mall carpark. We felt like Kel and Kath at the airport. We also went to the Dux de Luxe, but who wants to hear about us doing cool stuff?

I've just realised this could take forever if I keep up at this rate.

Umm, highlights.

Night at Peel forest. Bit spooky as Finn would say. Lovely.

Night in Oamaru. Oamaru! We saw our friend and had pizza and admired his lolly boxes (he is an artist disguised as a graphic designer).

Excellent evening in Purakanui with 2 aunties. Nice early start and a look around Dunners. Had a latte in a milkshake glass at St Clair. Pretty flash. Like a grownups milkshake.

Early morning walk around Moeraki. Without wanting to share the secret, Moeraki is the NICEST place in the world. Bar none. Don't go there, you might spoil it.

Savoy tearooms in Waimate. We went there twice (and it is a detour). Do go there. It is like going back to another time zone, and their cream buns are amazing. They also do a steak and bluff oyster pie. Flash!

Methven was BORING. We were going to stay there, but it was terrible. Nearby though was Rakaia Gorge and it was magnificent. When I have the energy I'll download the pics to flickr.

Back in Christchurch we touristed it and went up the gondola. Also hung out with excellent cousins, whose blogs I'll link to now.

Nice to be back.


Alan said...

I was wondering when you'd resurface. Look forward to the photos...

chaudes said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
chaudes said...

I have posted some of
my photos here

Martha said...

Nice to be home!

What is - or who is chaudes?

Mike said...

Welcome home.

I am always soooo interested in "comment deleted" ... was it really bad?

Martha said...

No! It was exactly the same as the other one. I'm not sure what it is - some kind of spam comment? Do people do that? Anyway I didn't have enough conviction to remove them both. And who knows, may have been from someone I know.

Em said...

Seems a bit suspiciously spammy to me! But welcome back anyway. We have our own tummy bug now in honour of your return.

Mike said...

Ah, blog-spam.

Martha said...

If someone is going to send spam they ought to have the decency to link it to some good old fashioned porn. What has become of the internet?

Jessie said...

Welcome back. Glad to hear the trip was good. Oh lovely South Island.

Mr Reasonable said...

Welcome back. Like em, we have contracted the bug in your honour. At least it has stopped the kids wanting Schnappi for five minutes.

Blog-Spam? Is that Splog or Blam?

Martha said...

Blam sounds better.

One good thing about the plague was that the boys slept well. Hope it is having the same effect at your place.

Mike said...

Buy my penile implants, Viagra and download cheap music.

Requested porn link:
(it really is - don't click unless you want bad porn (titles) - crikey!)
Ha ha ha - some of those are really funny. But it's not for the kids.

Martha said...

Bloody brilliant. I like Ass-hole o mio. Classy.

I did have one instance of accidentally chancing upon some disturbing porn. I was pregnant and had seen some pictures people posted of their pregnant bellies - all quite legit on one of the preggy sites. Now you try looking up "pregnant belly gallery" on google and see what you find. I was gobsmacked. People are into some very weird shit.