Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Martha's favourite game

Over the years I have come up with different ways of entertaining myself. My current favourite requires:

  • A 2 year old (although other ages would probably work)
  • A victim (spouse or partner ideal)
  • Knowledge of victim's most loathed music artist


Teach child to say "Phil Collins is Daddy's favourite".

You'll laugh a lot, child will laugh a lot, and basically almost everyone is happy.

When spouse tries to teach 2 year old "Celine Dion is Mummy's favourite" it won't work. You've already made the best joke, and child knows this.


llew said...

Have you got older kids? A great wheeze to play on them is to suddenly announce your admiration of the Olsen Triplets - Mary, Kate & Ashley. Wait a while & ask if they know why you only ever see 2 of them at any one time, and is it the anorexic one who keeps out of the public eye?

trust me, this works numerous times, just give it a few days or weeks between attempts.

I never tire of it.

Martha said...

Funny how when you're a kid you think parents do stuff like that because they're dense, but grow up and you realise they do it because it is HILARIOUS.

llew said...

Well I always think so :)

it's most amusing when there are a group of "tweenies" present. There is always one who is going to take it on herself to correct you.

Mike said...

Daddy's favourite what? Play thing? ;-)

Martha said...

Ewwwww Mike.