Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's mah birthday

I'm partying like it's my birthday.

Gonna have a midlife crisis and go all gangsta, cos it's my birthday awwwww yeah.


First thing I did this morning was give Glen my iphone. I love the thing, but I'm pretty sick of checking my email every time it bings, and I'm well sick of Twitter. It is not a good start to the day to flick open Twitter and see half the world moan about the day ahead, so stuff that, I'm going to avoid it and become a blogger again. Old skool stylez.

I got some choccies and enjoyed a coffee this morning with an old (young) school friend. We are young. But also, sadly, not actually as young as we were 20 years ago when we finished school (I shit you not, I may be into gangsta rap, but I finished school 20 years ago, I'm a conundrum). I've got lots of lovely messages on Facebook, I'm not going to avoid Facebook, I like Facebook.

So here's to this year coming up, one which will be filled with excitement and fun, and will be much better than 2010. It started today with the council putting in a hole for our new P30 parking sign outside the shop in town, wonders will never cease. It is a legendary good day.