Saturday, June 30, 2007

Gay Saturday

I'm trying to start a bit of a new trend in this household on Saturday mornings (to counteract all the manliness of soccer).

I'm completely in love with this song. It pulls on my heartstrings. I think only the gay heroes of the eighties in Britain can manage this angst. Although that doesn't necessarily apply to George Michael.

Enjoy it.

Oh, okay then, you want more angst than that? Well this one is for you. Try and spot Russell Crowe (not, but total lookalike).

Friday, June 29, 2007

All better

I bounce back quickly. We had Finn's farewell morning tea at kindy, and now I feel all better. Especially about all the free time I'll next term when they're both off at school and kindy.

So old

I woke up feeling very poorly indeed. I've had a restless night, and figured maybe I was a bit exhausted or something. As the morning has progressed I've realised that the cause of my patheticness is the fact it is Finn's last day of kindy today. He starts school in 2 weeks.

I thought I was the kind of mother who embraced these things, turns out I'm the kind of mother who wants him to be my baby for quite a bit longer.
My newborn babe

Thursday, June 28, 2007


I was at le mall before, having a coffee with the wee fella, and a disabled person was wheeled past in his wheelchair. The brand on the wheelchair was 'Karma'. Doesn't that strike you as kind of odd? Like, it was karma that gottem here, or he should be minding his karma for the next round?

And then in the car on the way back, some happy clapper Hare Krishna was talking about karma on Active (which I never normally listen to, because I'm an unashamed nerd, and love Nat Rad), and it was all a bit karmic.

Update: and the lovely Metalia is writing about karma too.

Dog blog

The dog is coming into her own as a walking companion (now that we can finally take her out). This morning the beach was so lovely that I was compelled to try and photograph the scenes around me with my phone. They didn't work out too well because of the dark, but with some clever retouching here is my picture of Petone beach.I was mucho entertained on my walk listening to the Dropkicks podcast. I don't even know when it was from, such is my love of sport. It was definitely after the Cricket World Cup. It was very, very amusing. "I like dick", hehehehhehehe. They're a bit nordy and well worth a listen, even if they are talking about rugby. In fact, it reminds me what I like about rugby - men.

And other news in my exciting life is the purchase of the domain No idea what I'm going to do with it, the logical thing seems to be bang my blog on there, but you know, there is a temptation to go goatse with it.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Nihon here I come!

My sister is a diabolical schemer like myself, and she has found this fabulous design event to go to in Tokyo (where she lives) in November.

Now I just need to win the Cable Car Challenge to get the moolah to pay.

Proposal: I really really wanna go to this really really cool fair in Japan.
Why: 'Cos it looks freaking awesome
Opportunities: Sake, sushi, Hello Kitty... oh, for the business. 100 million people baby! Well, probably 10 million babies.

I'm in a very stream of consciousness state today.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

About brazilions (as opposed to brazillions, which are a very substantial number)

Eerie silence.

Not a very substantial post. Since I've never had a brazilian.

Hence, I invite you to share all the fascinating brazilian stories you yourself have enjoyed - or "your friends".


Best moment on film: Spinal Tap, Stone-Enge. 'Nuff said.

Best sight at Glastonbury: Banksies Stonehenge. Check it here on my lovely friend Teresa's photo stream.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Short post brazillion and two

I'm working up to writing a post with more than 100 words. It has been a while, so any questions and suggestions are welcome.

That is all. Resume your regular scheduled activities.

Thank Dog

Puppy update for all those gasping for info on our hairy friend.

She is a nightmare, but has definitely done the trick of stopping me wanting another child. I don't think it was very smart to get a dog in the middle of winter, because standing around waiting for a dog to pee in the cold is not a good time.

Things should improve after today, she goes in for her final vaccinations, so we can actually leave the house with her.


Saturday, June 23, 2007

Why Tim Robbins, why?

Not much to do this evening, and what is on the telly, but Tim Robbins making a big dick of himself. I once loved him, and often use his phrase "be good in school, and don't do crack, it's a ghetto drug" as a guiding light in my life, and now this diabolical tripe. Looks like it will be an early night.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A big red button!

The Cable Car Challenge looks great. You get to win money, and advice, and make a super brilliant business case.

The best bit though? You get to push a big red button. It reminds me of when you got to push the 'cross' button at the lights when you were a kid.

I'm off to push it some more.

Bonnet tip to MG.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Kids. Man. I've been superMummy today, a trip to Te Papa, fluffies, interesting bones, spiders, wagging kindy... and then home for a 'party platter' with melon and fruit, and a jelly making session - and still there is grouching and whining.

And then it occurred to me - hey, we didn't wag kindy, Finn actually has a cold! This is a positive breakthrough. It means they can lie on the couch watching telly, and I don't have to feel guilty. I just have to deliver them malt biscuits every few minutes and stop the dog biting their toes.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Things I love:

I love an opportunity for a bullet point list.
I love Woolworths online for sending me free chocolate and coffee, and delivering my groceries.
I love Modern Friction from Origins for making my face peachy fresh, and Jo's magic sugar rub for doing the same to other bits of me.
I love thinking (dreaming) about a new laptop.
I love little boys that sleep in until 7.30am two mornings in a row.
I love Cadbury Snowballs.
I love the Fedex lady, who was very nice and businesslike on the phone, which can't be said for all of them.
I love that Finn thinks smiling at me will make me finish on the computer and let him play (indicating I need a new laptop asap).

Better go and let the kid play. What do you love today?

Sunday, June 17, 2007

By request

Removed to protect my reputation.

Friday, June 15, 2007

MG's blog competition

Have you entered MG's competition yet? The prize is good, and I think there is only one more week to get your entries in.

Say I referred you, perhaps I'll get a referrers fee.

Quick! Put her on the telly!

My alarming natural gift for commentary can now be revealed.

Thanks Spentrails for the idea - although she is far more worth listening to than me. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that Ms Spentrails has a very foxy voice indeed.

I'm wondering

  • if anyone ever opens Readers Digest letters
  • if anyone has ever won anything from Readers Digest
  • if I have ever won anything from Readers Digest, and don't know because I've never opened a letter from them
  • if the fact the sun vanished is my fault for hanging out two loads of washing
  • why ipod bothers with those earbud things
  • if, when I see the name Dylan in a headline, I'll ever stop thinking they're referring to Dylan Mckay
  • if the dog is getting naughtier
AND (just remembered another)
  • why is the new phone cord I bought tan. Is Dick Smith still getting through their stock from the 80's?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What the Twitter?

I want to love Twitter, but I don't really get it. Please make me your Twitter friend so I can understand.


People constantly astonish me with their innovatedness (like me, innovatating fabulous new words all the time).

Check out this brownie pan for a good time. Whatever will they think of next?

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The love that is big

Big Love is on again. My friends in America sent it through today in under 30 minutes, and it was choice. I love having things to watch on the computer. Love. Big.

Also, in news so exciting it feels a bit like lotto, after tres tedious form filling, if Glen or I should die, t'other will be 200k richer. Nice to have a positive upside to these potential tragedies - I feel quite chipper about my own demise now.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Ask and the universe will deliver...

So, the puppy chewed our laptop's power cord.

On the off chance someone has one of these going spare, I thought I'd share with the universe our loss (before I shell out bloody $80 or something for another). Universe, are you listening?

It is a Compaq Presario, and we need one of the bits with the black box on it - is that a transformer or wot?

Thanks Universe, I wait with baited breath (and laptop).

Afternoon delight (but not what you think)

I've just had a bath. At 4pm. It was outrageously good. Some time ago Glen returned from a trip with some lovely bath salts, and because I work most nights I haven't had a chance to use them. This afternoon I decided that rather that grow my children's brains, I'd plonk them in front of Handy Manny and have a soak.

Oh joy oh joy. I was visited of course by the children, and the dog hung out for quite a while, but I still enjoyed some warm water and a lie down at a time when I should be making dinner.

Next on the shopping list is an infinity water heater, because I tells ya, if the hot water had held up, I may never have left the bathroom.

Friday, June 08, 2007

More alien goodness

I've posted this clip a couple of times already. If you look carefully (as in, completely obsessively), you will glimpse me at 22 secs.

It has had over 120000 hits. While you're there, check out the other vids my Unky Paul has posted, they're ROCKIN' (I'm yelling today SPONTANEOUSLY).

It seemed relevant, because today another foul alien was washed up at Waikanae beach. Time to say NO.

The charming Mr Slack sent me the link.


This is like a Wanda Harland page 3 special. Except not pretty. And not saucy. In fact, kind of dodgy.

Hey, is it true that Samantha Fox is a lesbian these days?

Thursday, June 07, 2007

The key to success is...

having simple credit card processing on my website (I hope, oh god, I hope).

Given that it cost a small fortune to get set up, I'd better bloody sell more stuff. A small fortune and a lot of time. This business thing can be so time consuming. It is fun and all, but definitely more paperwork than I would like. My last self-employment gig pre-dated using anything hi-tech like computers. I did have an eft-pos machine, and woah! Flash!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Florence update

Puppydom is like a freaking rollercoaster.

Most mornings we don't feel very fond of the puppy. She makes us take her outside in the freezing cold in the middle of the night, and wait until she finds the perfect spot to pee. Then she has the gall to start whining at us before 6 to get up. Not impressed.

She gets cuter as the day goes on. In the evenings she is even quite sweet, until she bloody squats in front of the telly. Then she ain't so sweet after all. We're hellishly consistent and fabulously rewarding when she does the right thing, but the lure of the wrong thing seems so appealing to her.

She still has 3 weeks before her vaccinations are finished, so we can't take her to the beach, and it is a shame when we live so close to one.

In summary, it is a pain. But we know that all this boringness will end at some point in the next 7 years, and we'll have a nice, companionable dog around.

Not a very inspiring update I'm afraid.

Smelling salts

I'm so dramatic. Yesterday I was banging domes on bibs with a big hammer, and I hit my thumb. It was pretty excruciating, if not life threatening, and I hastened to the sink to numb the pain with cold water. I went all wobbly and hot flushy, and sensed I was going to pass out, so I sent Finn inside to get Glen, and yelled out for him at the top of my lungs. Next thing I know I'm lying on the floor very dazed and confused. I'd keeled over and had a small seizure. Apparently I stared at Glen like the undead. Last time this happened was when I cut my finger quite badly. I think I'm finger-phobic. My friend says she has the same reaction to eye stuff.

I banged my head on the table on the way down, and I've bent the ironing board quite dramatically so I'll need a new one, but basically I found the whole scenario quite odd. I think I just have a terribly delicate disposition, being so ladylike and all.

Which proves I didn't have what Glen's workmate called a prophylactic shock. Ladies wouldn't do such a thing.

Sunday, June 03, 2007


After all the excitement of Facebook, I decided it was about time I tried Skype. It is funny, like the future. Video phones! Who would've thought. In a complete reversal of technology I've bought a fax machine - old skool bro (MG, I'm only 15 years late). Of course I have nobody to fax or Skype (although I guess if I accepted the invitations from random strangers with names like hornyfoxxx I could be entertained all day long), but at least now when people ask, I can say yes - and add a whole new phone number to my business card (albeit the same as my work number).

GOD. How boring was that? Glen is doing the website stuff, and I have to try and keep my brain alive with inane typing drivel, rather than the usual chatting drivel I inflict on him. Look what he has done here. I'm prepared to accept that we have gone a little dog mad, even though the dog is driving us mad, what is with that?

In more exciting news, I'm drinking wine and watching Hugh Hefner on the box. I should really be in bed reading Robert Hughes, but yawn, I'll take Hef any day. Hughes is light on boobs, Hef not so much.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Hey, I cracked a grand!

This is post 1003. I am prolific, mate.

Sure enough, 1st of the month and orders are rolling in.

I should make this another bullet point post, because I have little to write.

  • I had wine last night. Evil.
  • I am planning an international takeover.
  • I am helping organise the next Craft2.0. Hopefully my funding application will work.
  • I am now stocking Fatboy products. They're ace. We may change out house into a bean bag styley place.
  • I'm dreaming of a summer holiday.