Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dog blog

The dog is coming into her own as a walking companion (now that we can finally take her out). This morning the beach was so lovely that I was compelled to try and photograph the scenes around me with my phone. They didn't work out too well because of the dark, but with some clever retouching here is my picture of Petone beach.I was mucho entertained on my walk listening to the Dropkicks podcast. I don't even know when it was from, such is my love of sport. It was definitely after the Cricket World Cup. It was very, very amusing. "I like dick", hehehehhehehe. They're a bit nordy and well worth a listen, even if they are talking about rugby. In fact, it reminds me what I like about rugby - men.

And other news in my exciting life is the purchase of the domain No idea what I'm going to do with it, the logical thing seems to be bang my blog on there, but you know, there is a temptation to go goatse with it.


Miramar Michael said...

OK, so I visited the link and am shocked (even with wine coursing through the veins) at the Goatse malarkey ... how on earth did you discover that, what websites are you visiting to get linked to ... by crickey!

And no, I do not think you should go goatse ... unless you make kids t-shirts to match

Martha Craig said...

Horrible eh? We have Mr Halfpie to thank for that particular treasure.

Miramar Michael said...

Alan ... you're a shocker ... I have spent the last 2 days trying to FORGET!

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