Friday, June 01, 2007

Hey, I cracked a grand!

This is post 1003. I am prolific, mate.

Sure enough, 1st of the month and orders are rolling in.

I should make this another bullet point post, because I have little to write.

  • I had wine last night. Evil.
  • I am planning an international takeover.
  • I am helping organise the next Craft2.0. Hopefully my funding application will work.
  • I am now stocking Fatboy products. They're ace. We may change out house into a bean bag styley place.
  • I'm dreaming of a summer holiday.


brenda said...

Oh wow I LOVE Fatboy products! I had to leave my gorgeous giant brown beanbag in Amsterdam when I moved here as it was slightly impractical to ship here, and I searched all over for something similar in NZ.
Nice choice of products :)

Martha said...

Thanks Brenda, I'm pretty excited. I'm keen to expand beyond just baby stuff.

nzm said...

Fatboy stuff is great - very popular in Dubai, and I have a great image of a Berlin dog sitting proudly on his Fatboy doggybag (label very visible) if you need a personal promo image!

Martha said...

Yeah! Go on, I'll pop it in the gallery page.

nzm said...

What's your email address?

You can send it to matdxb(at) if you don't want to publish it here.

Then I can send you the image.