Saturday, March 28, 2009


Breaking my Sunday blogging trend, I'm going to write now, even though I have a vague feeling I should be turning off for earth hour. Does it count that my laptop isn't plugged in? Oh, it doesn't? Oh well, tomorrow I'll plant a tree to make up for it (the modern equivalent of "hail Marys").

Twitter owns me, to be perfectly honest. I think in 140 character mind bites now. I'm not certain if this is a natural progression after a few years of blogging, or if I can attribute it to having a baby/shop/business/children and my spare brain time being devoted to how to manage stocktake and how to configure the new shelving and not to cool trivia shit.

So, to be pretty boring, here is what is on my mind:

  • I need to write a shop newsletter, because we have very pretty new Saben bags arriving on Monday or Tuesday, and we have some very foxy clothes from Chalky Digits, and we have some baby gears from Nature Baby arriving next week.
  • Tonight, while I do important blogging stuff, Glen is hanging the new shelves at the shop. New shelves make me stupidly happy.
  • Young Finn has chicken pox. We had a splendid chicken pox party last night, whereby he was charged with infecting two delightful kiddies, and we were charged with inebriating their parents and introducing them to the joys of Singstar.
  • My sister and nephew go back to Japan tomorrow. Boo. I like having them in the 'hood, and now I need to go to Tokyo.
  • Everything anecdote I share at the moment relates to Outliers. On Twitter I saw John Mayer and Ashton Kucher mention it, I feel a little bit ick about this.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


  • Yesterday I dressed up in pretty new clothes and worked in my shop, it was very fun. I worked twice, for an hour each time. Best not to work too hard, ruins my image.
  • Yesterday I cooked this for dinner. Felt very bloody hip using a recipe from Design*Sponge. Man, I remember when Design*Sponge was just a wee blog.
  • We're still getting lots of cherry tomatoes (hence above recipe), despite this fact I've rather be Margo from the Good Life than the chipmunk lady. Margo had class, and a lot of gin.
  • Singstar owns me. I had to get Queen Singstar today. I spent my teens being immensely scathing of Queen. Teenage Martha thinks Today Martha is a dick. Felt very dicky when a friend popped by and Glen and I were warbling along terribly to something (I've blanked out what tune it was, it was too mortifying).
  • I'm knackered. The baby is lovely, but she has appalling sleeping habits.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wee hee

Much as I loved maternity leave, it was bloody hard remaining hands off with the business, but I'm pleased to say that everything has gone magnificently, and I'm well chuffed with my new staff and how well everything went in my absence.

We're going to share the parenting of the kiddlies, so I'm not exactly going to be working full time, but I think this is a great opportunity for Glen to have a hands on role with my divine baby, and allow me to continue feeding and all that shizz.

Life with 3 kids is grand. They're all getting along well, and we're all smitten with the baby. She is awesome.

Darn, this post is lacking a certain hard-nosed, cynical edge. Fact is it was a beautiful sunny day, I weeded the lawn, printed some shirts, had some sushi, and feel great.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I taught him everything I know

Letter by Finn (6) (completely unaided) (knows how to use brackets) (unlike many older persons of his acquaintance):

To club penguin.
My name is tommyfinlay(on club penguin).
My real name is finn.
I chose to make art that other penguins just like as much as club penguin and I think I do good art just as you would think of the fun penguins play on your awesome club.
By finn.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Now, where was I?

On holidayyyyyyyyyy in Opunakeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

We stayed at a gorgeous wee bach by the sea, which I heartily recommend, really lovely place and the price is right. The trip up was great, the kids behaved well and the weather was gorgeous.

It was our first holiday for freaking ages, we went to the Fun Ho Toy Museum, we caught up with great friends and the amazing new person they've been growing, we bought a tres foxy painting and did lots of scheming to make our business better and our home less cramped (in short we're going to employ the Tardis designers to alter the time/space continuum, or summat).

My maternity leave finishes in 4 days. I am ready.