Thursday, March 12, 2009

I taught him everything I know

Letter by Finn (6) (completely unaided) (knows how to use brackets) (unlike many older persons of his acquaintance):

To club penguin.
My name is tommyfinlay(on club penguin).
My real name is finn.
I chose to make art that other penguins just like as much as club penguin and I think I do good art just as you would think of the fun penguins play on your awesome club.
By finn.


Jo Lene said...

Hi Martha, my name is Jo Lene and I am a blogger in Auckland. I stumbled across your blog a couple of days ago, and have been hooked on your writing since!

Would you mind if I linked your blog on mine (, as well as write a little about your shop on my blog?

Martha Craig said...

Hi Jo,

Of course! You're welcome. I'll have a look at your blog too.

Violet said...

But where are Finn's instructions on how to club a penguin?