Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The year that was

My laptop has gone a bit spazzy and won't charge, so my planned longwinded, meandering spiel is truncated to a bullet format, which happens to be my favorite thing anyway.

So, without further ado, highlights of the year past (utterly arbitrarily, based on no logic or sensible timeframe, in fact potentially backwards so I can start at the easy recent bit):

And omg shock, there are no bullets on the iPad! It will just be a wackadoo list:

We just got back from camping. It was fantastic, even the bit where we got caught in that big gale and had to make a dash to my parents' place. We went with friends and ended up in Waimarama. Currently trying to work out how to move to Waimarama. Ooh, and we saw the family from That Way of Life TWICE. You'll have to do your own googling.

We went to Melbourne. Frankly it was kind of hard work with the kids, but I did get lots of awesome stuff for the shops.

We got a parking sign outside the shop, after months of nagging the council and writing letters and emails. My feelings towards the council are somewhat negative, but I'm a grownup, so I'll concentrate on sending bad vibes and not on whining about them. SO mature.

I went to the Pixies with friends, it was awesome, great concert, great company.

Lots of shit stuff happened; the shop got robbed several times (the bad vibes I'm sending those losers will be making their lives a misery), we had stupid car troubles, random illnesses, yawn. While it was all a bit rubbish our spirits remained pretty chipper, and there were plenty of people having much worse 2010.

What a boring list. I'm stopping now.