Friday, March 30, 2007

Podcast - not

Remember when everyone said "not" after everything they said, forever? It seemed to last until everyone started saying "yeah, right". Not my kind of people, obviously. We're all busy yarning about Plato and doing algorithms and so on.

It is Friday night, and I've had a good amount of time on the new putey. I figured it was about time I checked out its apps (yeah baby, look at me with my computer jargon), and I thought it time that I try and make a podcast. Hmm. Somewhere on this machine is me saying (in my deepest, most mature voice) - "hello, hello, hello, hello, hello is this thing...?!

I'm sure I'll be ready to publish something tomorrow - not.


I like the word 'swelter', it is up there with 'fibrillate' and 'D'Artagnan' in my book.

Today it is sweltering. While the far north floods, we lie around fanning ourselves (does that sound a bit ooo err rude to you?), and feeling vaguely relieved not to live somewhere that is this hot all the time.

And then we remember how winter only ended 2 months ago, and concentrate on cooling down under the sprinkler ('sprinkler' is another nice word).

Life is an L&P ad.

And I thought I'd put this one on so that foreigners would know how fabulous our fashion pedigree is in this country.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

It must be true, we no longer live in a democracy

People! If you don't vote, well, hell in a handbasket and all that.

5 votes in my hugely scientific poll. As a percentage of my hits today that represents less than 2.5% (not including people using RSS thingamajigs).

I can only conclude that you don't care who governs you, and the next election will be a farce.

At least Kelly won. She was only ever the real contender.

Man, I'm annoyed. I was trying VERY HARD not to be political on this website, but apathy, well - it speaks volumes.

Who'd do Nathan?

I knew there was a good reason a spent *cough* $90 on tickets for Hi-5.

Which member of Hi-5 would you do?
Free polls from

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

8th modern miracle

I have sent emails from my imac without it demanding passwords that don't exist!

This may not sound like a HUGE triumph, but trust me, it is.

Soon I will be able to let the poor old laptop sleep. It is now taking about 20 minutes to run through its 'scan disks' and 'defender failure' and 'an area of the drive is ...' before it will start.

I give it another week, and then I think it may be kaput.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ergo nothing really (except that I feel like eating some)

Here is a recipe from the very fabulous Rebecca, for her delicious brownies.

They are worth buying about 50kgs of chocolate for. You will never look back.

This public service announcement brought to you by someone watching Boston Legal and going through old bookmarks...


Sigh. Ribena seemed too good to be true, and of course it is.

We're over-educating our young.

Repeal Section 59

I am completely opposed to anyone hitting any child, ever. It is completely unnecessary and inexcusable in my book. If your child strays onto the road, tell them not to do it again. You don't need to smack them to drive this point home.

I feel really emotional about this bill, and every time I hear someone blathering on about the right to discipline their child the way they choose, I want to cry. My children are beautiful and good, and have never needed to be hit. This doesn't mean they haven't misbehaved, I just have better ways of dealing with them than smacking (for instance, a firm "no" tends to work very nicely).

There is a website here where you can email MPs.

I'm turning comments off on this post. I don't want to argue this point with anyone. If you don't like it, then you can leave.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Big old catch up

What a biiiiig weekend.

Saturday morning started all shiny and bright. We went to the local mall to watch three brave friends have their heads shaved to raise money for child cancer. It was surprisingly moving, there were masses of people there, and they raised staggering amounts of money. Of course all my friends ended up looking exquisitely big eyed and gorgeous.

As is our habit, in the afternoon we went and spent inappropriate amounts of money on a tent as big as our house. It quite literally takes up the whole backyard, and we've told the kids we'll sleep out there tonight.

On Saturday night we had a big shindig planned with the Wellingtonista posse and a couple of special guests. It was a stellar night in so many ways. We had an evil concoction in pineapples that I hold fully responsible for the fact I could barely move from my bed yesterday. Jo has photos here.

I did move very briefly to nod encouragingly at Sue as she was interviewed by Ryan. And I cackled a bit like a witch, so I really hope there will be some serious editing.

Last night we watched the Big Lebowski from the safe haven of our bed. Our new 'puter has a remote. Tres civilised, dude.

Despite the immense hangover, the whole weekend will go down in history as a glorious success. Yay for sunshine and booze.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

I am jubilant, so I shall jubilate

I have finished 3 massive orders and several small ones. One of them involved sewing - bleurghh. I really enjoy the end product, but with lots of other things to do, sewing makes my shoulders hurt and me feel cranky.
I'm not cranky today though, I've finally got a chance to try out Xero, and I'm excited. This goes to show how much life has changed in the last 12 months, because HELLO, Xero is an accounting package. Man. Mind you, this does indicate that I'm actually making some moolah, and everybody likes that. EVERYBODY DOES. Hippies may claim not to, but I believe we are hard-wired to love the filthy lucre.

Annnnd, an old schoolmate of mine got in touch with me today. I want to see her a lot, so Carolyn CALL ME.

Annnnnnd, when I picked up Finn from kindy today, the teacher was all impressed at his advanced state of being able to write music. I tried to look like a mother who sits down and teaches her son to write out notes, rather than a mother that lets her son watch a lot of Little Einsteins. Seems that either way has the same outcome. Score!

Annnnnd, it is sunny, and I saw a painter down the road, so I urged Glen to go and enquire about getting a quote, because in 18 months we have only managed to paint the first coat on 1 1/2 walls of our house. Glen called me and said "I can see why you wanted him", and I got a hint of something in his voice, which may be related to a certain "Get out of jail free" discussion I have been somewhat involved in. And Glen said "he was handsome". Yay! More reason to celebrate, a possibly handsome painter might paint our house - a double dose of eye candy.

Annnnnnnnd, because it is my blog, I have decided to write 'and' a lot again, annnnd use exclamation marks.

Annnnnnnnnnd, I got a new necklace in the mail today.

You might say I'm pretty chipper.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

An interactive post

Early in our relationship, we (meaning "I") established a "get out of jail" clause. It means that if the person of your dreams approaches, your spouse has to let you pash them, with no recriminations.

To be honest I can't even remember who mine was (we have been together FOREVER). I do remember that Glen's was Uma Thurman, mine was probably Brad Pitt or Robbie Williams - actually, at one stage it was Russell Crowe (have you seen the Sum of Us? - hot!).

I need to have a good think about who it is now. Peter Saarsgard was a potential, but since he has had a baby it seems wrong. Maybe Jake Gyllenhaal would be mine.

So, the big question, who is your 'get out of jail free' person?

The relief!

In a purge to try and keep the old laptop chugging along, I got rid of the Bloglines Notifier.

I am liberated. Now I only need to check it twice a day, rather than have its little icon tempt me with constant updates.

I'm certainly not giving up life online, but this move feels good.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Man, when it rains it pours. I have three large shop orders on the go at the moment, which is ace. But you know, as well as being ace it is FULL ON.

And that is all. Back to it.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Family portrait for the second anniversary

Did I mention we're the undead?

I died when I got a lovely comment from Vicus (previous post) - who I think may be really famous now, and accepting large sums of money for pictures of him frolicking in the waves.

We at Wanda Harland headquarters have dangled a tantalising cheque for a billion squid under his nose.

Happy birthday to miiiiiiiiii

This blog is 2 years old today.

It has been a huge 2 years. Huge.

I love my blog.

nIt is 5.46am, and I've been up for an hour. Isn't the end of daylight savings a glorious time for parents?

It has been a BIG couple of days. Friday we set up Craft2.0 at TheNewDowse -well, set out the tables. The lovely Rhiannon stayed with us on Friday night, and we had a rare night of watching telly, and impressing her with our Wii skills.

Saturday arrived after a stormy, sleepless night. For the first weekend in weeks we had bad weather, and had to configure Craft2.0 to fit inside. Fortunately Sue had enjoyed even less sleep than me, and redrawn the layout at 3am. We ended up with plenty of space, a few people had to share tables where we'd hoped they'd get larger ones. This didn't seem to matter too much, and as far as I could tell most people had a great day.

I had a FANTASTIC day. Somehow during all the chatting to people, I sold masses of stuff. At least 15 Hutt T shirts are adorning little kiddies, and one adult around these parts. I saw heaps of people - Cathi, Wendy, Helen, Melissa, Rhiannon, Alan (who evidently had an inspiring time, and also his kids danced, which makes a gig!), lovely woman from Upper Hutt, Nikki, Bec, Megan (a link to my own site, how convenient!), Kimberley, Hadyn, Che, Mary, Amy, Rachel, Sarah (oh my god, blog deleted Sarah!), Rachelle, Dairne, Tinks and great friends who don't have links... (thanks for coming Katie, Mandy, Esther, Rachel, Horrie, Jody, Pamela, Terry, Base, Frankie, Billy, Sylvie, Cathy, Suze, Sol, Suellen, Louise, Jacob, Sam, Tracey, Sally, Selena, Emily, Max, Gloria, Alex, Lila...)

My table was between Sam and Sue. It was pretty perfect really. I bought one of Sam's lovely prints, and did my share of sales work for him too - my parents are now enjoying one of his pieces above their bed...

What else? Oh yeah, big shout out to the Ponoko crew, who were marvellous sponsors with an inspiring product. Their website is up and running now, so go and check it out. It is the future, baby, and it looks goooooood.

Alex and Megan came around last night and got into the Wii. Finally someone who can play the golf - go Meg.
And finally, to finish my Oscars speech, thanks to TheNewDowse and specifically Claire, who is fabulous.

And finally finally. THANKS SUE. You are the Queen.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Bringing bling to the Hutt since 2002



Be there or be square.

Once it is finished I'll be able to blog again.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I'm idling along, mooching around, vaguely trying to get some audio equipment for Craft2.0 on Saturday (help! We need a PA!). I vaguely think I'll have a look at my site stats, as you do.

Bloody hell! Mayhem! Hundreds of hits!

The pulling power of the Hutt News, thinks I. I'd've never thunk it.

A light dawns. It isn't the Hutt News. Mr Farrar is at it again, with the linkiness that provides the big hittingness when I'm not lookingness.

Hello people! How are you! Nice to see you here! Normally I don't use so many exclamation marks! But I'm in shock! And my hair is so goofy in the Hutt News picture!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hutt News

Hutt News
Originally uploaded by Wanda Harland.
Dress makes its second outing in public.

Martha at Webstock

Martha at Webstock
Originally uploaded by Wanda Harland.
I am so nordy. I stole this image from the Webstock photo stream.

This was me speaking. I wore my glasses in case I had a bizarre contact lens drama that would mean I had to AD LIB. Ad-libbing would have been the worst, specially as everyone else was poetic, and I would've had to do beat poetry, and I may not have been able to stop.

Monday, March 12, 2007

I'm boring

  • The Wii died. I guess it will get replaced or fixed or something.
  • I've made a voucher for the Hustle for Russell, so you'd better get your arse there and bid for it.
  • We went to the zoo today. I kind of hate the chimps. I didn't think I hated chimps, but they seem quite agro, and they have those chimp bums.
  • Craft2.0 is on Saturday. It is going to be fabulous. I've been busy making lots of shirts for it.
  • I am loving podcasts at the moment. Any recommendations are warmly invited.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

SO professional

My studio has gradually morphed from being a tool room/bedroom to being a fully functioning workroom for me. We got rid of the bed, and today my huge new shelves arrived. I've got those fabulous mail ones (I think that is what they're called) with tens of little cubes for pens and envelopes and stickers. There is only one thing better than stationery, and that is stationery storage. It is lovely.

Next on the list is a proper office chair, so I can whizz efficiently between computer and work table.

As you can probably tell, life isn't all parties and rock and roll. Mind you, Sue came over yesterday, and we drank A LOT of damson plum gin. I think it must have some magic health giving properties, because today I have achieved much, and felt full of birds.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Um, dunno....

Someone at is using their time wisely. This search just in:

Where do I buy paper pants in Wellington, nz

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Webstock Mini

Last night was Webstock Mini. This was the gig I've been gearing up to speak at for a fortnight (although, to be honest, I've been more pre-occupied with what to wear than what to say...).

It was freaking marvellous. Rod Drury spoke first about his new Xero project, which is an accounting package for small businesses. I was almost in the aisles punching my fist and yelling "yes! yes!". Honestly, simplified accounting is about the most I could ask for, and the package looks great. It is web based too, so no more worries about a virus attacking my delicate Excel spreadsheets. And no need to transfer information between our computers.

I went up to Rod after he spoke, and asked if I could please sign up as a beta user. The man is very charming and has said yes. It feels a bit like christmas. This may sound a little over the top, but if you've ever tried to keep track of small business accounts, you'll understand my bliss.

Peter Gutmann talked next about the copyright ammendment thingy. I thought I'd find this boring, but not at all. Thank god someone cares and is looking out for all that stuff. Perhaps I can blame the Sony rootkit for the death of my last PC - I have my suspicians.

There was a break after the two big speakers for everyone to mingle and drink and eat the gorgeous food. If I had to live on canapes, they'd be the ones I choose, zucchini fritters, mini shepherds pies, little burritos, classy things on basil leaves... I was able to appreciate the food because I was maintaining sobriety for my speech.

The Wellingtonista crew were out in force. Alan, Jo and Sue were reprasentin baby. Loads of people we spoke to seemed to be fans of the Wellingtonista, and that made us all very happy.

My speech was part of a 10x2 section, ten speakers - 2 minutes each. I was a bit worried I'd be a bit dull, but all the speeches were so different that I don't think any two were alike. Mark Cubey did a stellar stint as a kind of new age beat poet/rapper - I quite loved it. It is nice to have a bit of angry punk attitude. Peter Guttmann spoke again about how his geekiness had actually been able to help people in a real life, life saving sense - and that was very inspiring. I thought the advertising man, Michael Gregg, was great too. He was totally the money, man, and had a very hi tech presentation, no screwed up pieces of paper for him.

I spoke, was nervous, was pleased when it was finished.

I want to say a big thanks to Sue, who got me there, and to the Webstock Mini crew (esp. Mike) who made it all happen.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Procrastination #82 - feat. The Bats

What better time to be mooching around YouTube than the night before you have to give a speech to some people?

This goes out to all the peeps with good taste. Go and see the Clean and Minisnap soon.

Not so rock n roll

I may not be partying all night long, but I did have 3 beers on Saturday afternoon at the Cross. By the end of the 3 I was thinking that the pub would be an ideal place to live. We had sausages for the kids, chips for the grown ups, good company. 'Twas heavenly.

Until my body remembered that it thinks such activities are uncool, and gave me a headache that sent me to bed by 9pm.

Sunday was great. It was a beautiful day (seriously, beautiful). Glen went into town to pick up some amazingly bargain office stuff I got through Trademe - for $120 I got; 2 large metal shelves, a metal cupboard and a filing cabinet. I keep going out to my studio to admire its sense of cool organisatedness.

In the evening we got a bbq for $20 from the big red shed. $20! It is very cool, and uses real wood and charcoal, which brings out the caveman instincts (speaking of which, has everyone checked out these ads? They hilarious - thanks Oy Vey for sharing them). We're going to have a bbq tonight, because god knows a) this weather won't hold and b) one can't expect a $20 bbq to last forever, or even until next year. It is quite windy today, so should add a whole new element of surprise to the bbq experience.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Wii review

Here is my appraisal of the Wii (for Cathi).

This review is from someone who thinks Monopoly is hardcore, so read on at your own risk.

We did actually buy a Playstation a looooong time ago. Someone had the good sense to steal it from our house, because they could probably tell it was going to waste. AMI had the poor sense to give us credit at Game Planet (or somewhere like that), so we had to buy another one, which is in pretty mint condition. The problem with Playstation is all those freaking buttons.

The beauty of the Wii is 2 buttons. A and B. Sweet.

To me it feels like an old Atari, completely basic and manageable. I guess Ataris were around when I was young and could handle the technology, and the Wii makes me feel totally capable. You can glimpse the future of gaming when you play it, and it is quite exciting to be involved.

We've only got the Wii Sports (which come with the console). They're GREAT FUN. If you wave your arms around you'll do okay, and if you concentrate you'll do better. Okay is good enough for me though.

And it does feel like a workout. In fact, I was positively glowing after a few rounds. You probably don't need to thrash around as much as I do, but it is so much more fun if you do. With the boxing I kept trying to get closer to the telly. This doesn't seem to make it easier to knock the bastards down.

Oh yeah, it will make life long haters of boxing reconsider. You've been warned.

I love it.

The rollercoaster of tax

Bloody GST. I was so happy to have done it. And then yesterday I had this vague feeling of doom. Sure enough, my money spreadsheet included the previous GST period. I'm not ashamed to say this made me cry. After all that work, I'd fucked up.

I went and punched out Mario on the Wii, which made me feel quite a lot better. I then went to bed and had lots of nightmares about doing maths exams and having finished university without enough papers for my degree, and all those things you dream when you're stressed.

Woke up with sore muscles from all the virtual boxing, and toyed with the idea of just omitting to mention to IRD my mistake, but you know, it would have tormented me.

I rang them. They were ace, and didn't care, and said I can make an ADJUSTMENT in my next return. Imagine!

Yayayayyayayayayayyaayyyyyy! Jubilation.

And that is the end of me ever writing about tax obligations ever again.