Thursday, March 29, 2007

It must be true, we no longer live in a democracy

People! If you don't vote, well, hell in a handbasket and all that.

5 votes in my hugely scientific poll. As a percentage of my hits today that represents less than 2.5% (not including people using RSS thingamajigs).

I can only conclude that you don't care who governs you, and the next election will be a farce.

At least Kelly won. She was only ever the real contender.

Man, I'm annoyed. I was trying VERY HARD not to be political on this website, but apathy, well - it speaks volumes.


Vicus Scurra said...

I've shagged them all. They were all crap.

cesca said...

Sorry, but Kelly makes me want to puke.

I'd do Nathan. Definitely!

(And hey, you didn't give us very long to put in our votes though, did you? I only read blogs in the evenings... whine whine whinge whine...)

Pixie said...

Oh not fair. She accuses me of apathy, yet I am just late! Now look, I saw them live 5 or 6 years ago, they must be getting wrinkly and less bouncy by now. So nope, none of them can have me baby.

Hadyn said...

I wanted to vote for the redhead but I didn't what her name is. Is she Kelly? If so I'm happy.

Rosiemunda said...

Kathleen came into the shop I worked in in sydney a couple of years ago, she was hot, and stylish- not wearing pink ruffle skirt over purple polka dot leggings - She is totally the hottest, you all know it.

Hadyn said...

Ok I did some sleuthing (read googling).

The case agianst Kelly. Kelly is actually Kellie, which lowers her in my eyes. She can't make decisions "Favourite colour: All Colours" "Favourite movie: Too many to choose from!" "Favourite Hi-5 episode: There are too many to pick one" "Favourite animals: Dogs...but I love all animals"

Kathleen might actually get my vote (if I didn't like the redhead) for answering this "Favourite Movie: The Usual Suspects, American Beauty, Love Actually and The Princess Bride." Go on kids, go watch the Usual Suspects!

Here endeth the essay

Mr Reasonable said...

Am I too late to vote?!
Charlie is all mine, mine, mine I tell ya...

Rosiemunda said...

haha kathleen is a total winner, kids SHOULD watch the usual suspects, they might learn somethin, (old man cackle)

Helen said...

Funny - my attitude to the poll was similar to how I feel about the REAL governmental elections - hate 'em all & really don't want to vote for any of them.

(Having said that - I vote green - but very begrudgingly.)

the grumpy anarchist.