Monday, March 12, 2007

I'm boring

  • The Wii died. I guess it will get replaced or fixed or something.
  • I've made a voucher for the Hustle for Russell, so you'd better get your arse there and bid for it.
  • We went to the zoo today. I kind of hate the chimps. I didn't think I hated chimps, but they seem quite agro, and they have those chimp bums.
  • Craft2.0 is on Saturday. It is going to be fabulous. I've been busy making lots of shirts for it.
  • I am loving podcasts at the moment. Any recommendations are warmly invited.


Make Tea Not War said...

You may already have done this but have you tried "re-syncing the controller"? Our Wii stopped working too but my technical adviser tells me re-syncing the controller is what fixed it. Apparently the instructions of how to do this are in the manual.

Martha said...

Ta for that, but we haven't even got any power going on with it. Bloody thing.

Sue said...

but but
what am i going to do when i visit your house?
no wii?

Hadyn said...

If I may be so bold as to suggest The Dropkicks podcast.

Cathi said...

The Wii did what? waaaaaaaaa! will mine do the same?

our batteries ran out after a week, I take it you tried that

Jessie said...

I'm going to Hustle for Russell.. only after hustling for the ticket I probably won't indulge in bidding :( There's some cool stuff though! And John Campbell MCing. Nice.

esther said...

We don't have a wii and I don't know what a podcast is. Are we officially Luddites? I clicked in 'cause I thought people would be talking about chimps and how they are quite agro and scary and how they do have funny bums. Clearly I am not very sophisticated!