Monday, March 05, 2007

Not so rock n roll

I may not be partying all night long, but I did have 3 beers on Saturday afternoon at the Cross. By the end of the 3 I was thinking that the pub would be an ideal place to live. We had sausages for the kids, chips for the grown ups, good company. 'Twas heavenly.

Until my body remembered that it thinks such activities are uncool, and gave me a headache that sent me to bed by 9pm.

Sunday was great. It was a beautiful day (seriously, beautiful). Glen went into town to pick up some amazingly bargain office stuff I got through Trademe - for $120 I got; 2 large metal shelves, a metal cupboard and a filing cabinet. I keep going out to my studio to admire its sense of cool organisatedness.

In the evening we got a bbq for $20 from the big red shed. $20! It is very cool, and uses real wood and charcoal, which brings out the caveman instincts (speaking of which, has everyone checked out these ads? They hilarious - thanks Oy Vey for sharing them). We're going to have a bbq tonight, because god knows a) this weather won't hold and b) one can't expect a $20 bbq to last forever, or even until next year. It is quite windy today, so should add a whole new element of surprise to the bbq experience.

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