Friday, March 30, 2007

Podcast - not

Remember when everyone said "not" after everything they said, forever? It seemed to last until everyone started saying "yeah, right". Not my kind of people, obviously. We're all busy yarning about Plato and doing algorithms and so on.

It is Friday night, and I've had a good amount of time on the new putey. I figured it was about time I checked out its apps (yeah baby, look at me with my computer jargon), and I thought it time that I try and make a podcast. Hmm. Somewhere on this machine is me saying (in my deepest, most mature voice) - "hello, hello, hello, hello, hello is this thing...?!

I'm sure I'll be ready to publish something tomorrow - not.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Funny you should call it a 'putey'. Since my daughter (S) was small we've called it a 'puter'(pronounced POO-ter).

We were visiting with our vicar, and on walking into his study S looked him in the eye and said "You've got a puter. My daddy's got a puter!"

Cue embarrassed "has he?" and great relief when I informed him just what a puter is.