Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Martha at Webstock

Martha at Webstock
Originally uploaded by Wanda Harland.
I am so nordy. I stole this image from the Webstock photo stream.

This was me speaking. I wore my glasses in case I had a bizarre contact lens drama that would mean I had to AD LIB. Ad-libbing would have been the worst, specially as everyone else was poetic, and I would've had to do beat poetry, and I may not have been able to stop.


llew said...

Just as well, because the abolition of section 59 means no more Beat Poetry. Ever.

Martha said...

what about rap?

David said...

Why are you dressed like a professional wrestler? Did they invite you to give a presentation in "the style of Randy Savage"? Yeeeeeaaaahhhh!

Martha said...

I assume you know what WW Webstock is? Wrestling for pro-geeks. It is HOT BABY.

Miramar Michael said...

Hands on hips and ready to let 'em have it