Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I'm idling along, mooching around, vaguely trying to get some audio equipment for Craft2.0 on Saturday (help! We need a PA!). I vaguely think I'll have a look at my site stats, as you do.

Bloody hell! Mayhem! Hundreds of hits!

The pulling power of the Hutt News, thinks I. I'd've never thunk it.

A light dawns. It isn't the Hutt News. Mr Farrar is at it again, with the linkiness that provides the big hittingness when I'm not lookingness.

Hello people! How are you! Nice to see you here! Normally I don't use so many exclamation marks! But I'm in shock! And my hair is so goofy in the Hutt News picture!


Michael said...

C'mon - you have to give us the topline metrics then ....

Martha said...

What the macaroni do you mean?