Tuesday, December 30, 2008

News at 7

I keep hoping I'll be able to update with something sort of interesting, like having had a baby or summat, but nope. Still large and in charge.

9 days overdue at this stage, which is what is known as the not-very-delightful part of pregnancy. I'm being induced on Saturday if nothing happens before then, and given my track record I don't think anything will happen before then.

Apart from feeling a bit sorry for myself, and quite hot, I'm actually having a very good time. It is lovely to spend time with the kiddlies, and I've got a whole new appreciation for Lego, that shit ROCKS. Santa brought quite a bit, then we joined the masses and the kids used their prezzy cards to get some more. Our house is Lego central, and I'm thinking about doing a covert Mars Mission re-build tonight. The only problem with Lego is all those little pieces hurt when they get stuck in your feet.

I hope you're all having great holidays. It is times like these that I bloody love the Southern Hemisphere for giving us a long holiday period in the middle of a gorgeous summer.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas letter


  • Had a shop.
  • Bought Dishy.
  • Got pregnant (baby appears to be waiting for next year to be born).
  • Boys too clever and gorgeous to be believed.
  • Planted a vege garden.
  • Ate all the radishes before anyone else could.
  • Sold the Mini, bought a station wagon, sign of the times.
  • Loved 2008, although it was the most full on, hectic year ever, it was full of accomplishment and new challenges. It turns out these are what make life interesting.
  • Spent a large proportion of the year planning what I'll drink in 2009.
  • Spent a lot of time awake, obviously my body getting ready for no sleep for the next two years. I tried to suggest to the body that this was flawed logic, body arranged for baby to kick my pancreas.
  • Gave up trying to write cohesively, with good grammar or logical tenses. Liberating.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

In important baby room news...

Here is a crappy picture of the exquisite curtains in the baby's room. The kid may not have a proper bed or sorted clothing, but boy do they have nice drapes...

Yeah, still here, still queer (or not)

2 days overdue.

Quite good really, bit tired, getting excited, still finding myself working to get out orders (talk about last minute ordering!). The recession has been kind to us in our wee shop, and turnover is double what we did last year, so we're pretty chuffed. Remarkably there is still stock left too, which is good, because ordering for Christmas wasn't exactly an exact science.

I haven't been doing any shop time, although each time I pop in it seems to coincide with a supplier visiting. There is something vaguely indecent about being 9 months pregnant and in public, it all feels a bit flaming primitive.

I'm looking forward to Christmas, having a nice meal, having nice company and possibly having a nice baby. At the very least having a bit of a break from working!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Due date

Ho hum.

Friday, December 19, 2008


Nesting (not)
Originally uploaded by Wanda Harland
When a baby is due to arrive the mother goes into a nesting frenzy, cleaning and readying the house for the delicate new life.

This is our child's bed. From the nesting evidence, I'd say I'm going to be at least 2 weeks late.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Update with nothing to update

Nothing to report.

Baby is still inside moi. Shop is still busy. I am breaking a rule of having babies and admitting that I'm in absolute terror of the upcoming event. Terror. The only thing comforting me is the 7 bottles of wine lined up that I ordered in the grocery shop. I know I won't want them, but I'm tricking myself that I will.

Oh yeah, something to report, I had a really very marvellous birthday. I'm now 26 (ish), and I have a tremendous snow freeze machine and charm bracelet and chocolate and other goodies.

Now I'm going to sit around, and be hot, and keep my legs crossed.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Le blog, c'est ici

Mais aussi, le bebe, c'est still dans ma stomach ou, more correctly, dans ma uterus, dans moi skin.

We have a week to go. Apparently the baby is doing everything right, which means its arse is on my left side and its furiously pummelling legs and arms are going for it on my right. I don't know what vital organs it is having a go at, but I hold grave fears for useful things like my spleen, appendix and phlange.

Apart from being heavily pregnant, things are pretty peachy. The shop is a great deal of fun, because it is full of pretty things and pretty people, who are all surprisingly lovely. I suppose they're the clever clogses who do their Christmas shopping nice and early, and in a week we'll get the stress bunnies, like me, who leave it all til the last minute.

I officially go on maternity leave on Sunday (I pulled the date out of nowhere). I'm allowed an overseeing role, I believe. This means I get to be quite bossy, but not do any real work, I'm looking forward to it. It is a strange thing to be self-employed and be letting myself go on maternity leave. I'm not arguing with myself though, if that is what the boss orders, who am I to question her?

Little else to report. Work dominates, my legs are still GROSS, and I'm still sober.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


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Even a mountain of Foxton Fizz and carrots can't make you this lardy.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

General update of moi life

I am still here, in one piece.
Although my feet are really sausage-like.
Which is pretty unattractive.
Not to mention uncomfortable.
I got a car that will fit my whole crew.
In fact, I'd rather like to live in it.
The baby is due in 2 1/2 weeks, and already weighs 7lbs ish.
The baby remains nameless.
At some point I'll have time to start thinking of names.
I'm going to buy a name book.