Thursday, December 18, 2008

Update with nothing to update

Nothing to report.

Baby is still inside moi. Shop is still busy. I am breaking a rule of having babies and admitting that I'm in absolute terror of the upcoming event. Terror. The only thing comforting me is the 7 bottles of wine lined up that I ordered in the grocery shop. I know I won't want them, but I'm tricking myself that I will.

Oh yeah, something to report, I had a really very marvellous birthday. I'm now 26 (ish), and I have a tremendous snow freeze machine and charm bracelet and chocolate and other goodies.

Now I'm going to sit around, and be hot, and keep my legs crossed.


charlotte said...

still nothing.
i started packing my bag last night.
just in case. seven bottles of wine. ha. the first one was better in a way, not knowing what to expect. now. labour. looming. jeepers.

Martha Craig said...

Wait til the third, Charlotte, there is no doubt about how it will pan out, ugh.

Good luck if something happens soon! I'm expecting to go overdue a couple of weeks, you never know, we might share an experience from opposite sides of the globe.

Joanna said...

and keep my legs crossed

"that's a bit late, you should have done that nine months ago!"

Spiceworld truly is the greatest movie ever made!

charlotte said...

best advice i had was someone said to ride the waves (of labour). i wasn't riding any waves, but it did give me something nice to say over and over to myself during the event.

Annie said...

Oh, your word verification is "ingangs" - I was hoping it might be something I could suggest for a baby name.

You can buy snow freeze machines? Can you make frozen fruit based goodies in them too? I'm sick of trying to convince my food proccessor it would make really make good gelato if it paid just a little more attention to my pleading.

Best to you for the next couple of weeks...

Anonymous said...

I think there are some things about which it is reasonable to feel terror. This is one. Having said that, I think you will be awesome. I realise this is not much consolation.