Tuesday, December 02, 2008

General update of moi life

I am still here, in one piece.
Although my feet are really sausage-like.
Which is pretty unattractive.
Not to mention uncomfortable.
I got a car that will fit my whole crew.
In fact, I'd rather like to live in it.
The baby is due in 2 1/2 weeks, and already weighs 7lbs ish.
The baby remains nameless.
At some point I'll have time to start thinking of names.
I'm going to buy a name book.


Sarah said...

Wishing you all the best Martha and congrats on finding the right car!

There's a great site - Baby Name Wizard - http://www.babynamewizard.com/voyager - which is worth a play with and will save you a trip to the shop! Keep those feet up lass!

Sending you positive birth vibes...!

Sarah x

Kelly said...

I share your sausage feet. I've been surprised that mine still work like normal feet, at least until the warm evenings catch up with them.

Mine is due in 4 weeks, but is backwards, so I'll get her turned around next week. The imminent arrival could be early.

I second Sarah's vote for the Baby Name Wizard. It's a fab site.

GOOD LUCK and let us all know (somehow) how it all happens! (hugs)

Joanna said...

Have you considered 'Joanna' ?

Kimberley said...

And I just gave away two baby names books to the sallys. eek.
I think you look spectacular by the way ... no, that's not a come-on.

Nikki said...

I have a name book I'm trying to foist off on someone. Lucky you - you've just become that someone.
I'll drop it off on my way to Wainui tomorrow. Yes. Wainui. Gah.

And you do look fab. And it's totally a come-on Kimberley! ;)

Susan Harper said...

Don't worry, I have a name book. I will let the universe guide my blinded book opening and finger pointing a few times and give you a selection. Your child may be called...

Alice: Alice Marriot worked her way up from a lemonade stand to being the owner of hotels all around the world you know.

Hazel! OMG!! I totally did randomise it just like I promised too. It is a great name, and better than Alice for a boy if that's what ends up coming out.

or, speaking of boys, here's the back up name for another of those: Ermanno, which is the Italian form of Herman and was the first name of the composer Wolf-Ferrari (and Wolf-Ferrari was actually what my pointing finger came down upon, so you could use that instead for that "my parents think they're kooky" experience of roll calls).

last one....

Oona: A form of Una (though perhaps Tertia would be more accurate), though apparently Una is not only a Latin name meaning One but also an Irish name meaning Lamb. It was the name of Charlie Chaplin's favourite wife (she was 17, he was 56, I guess the 8 kids aged her quickly enough.

But Hazel's definitely the best.