Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weekend the Great

My previous drunken posts probably reveal part of the fun this weekend was. After a lovely, busy day in the shop in Petone, visited by lots of great people and chatting away to all the ace customers, I came home to a delicious bottle of wine. I love the beginning of daylight savings, I know it is a drag for some, but when you've got kids who are waking earlier and earlier, is is psychologically a blimmin godsend. And wine! A good evening of drunken scheming, twittering, singing 80s songs (C4 had a well timed 80s night), awesome.

This morning Lucy was really unwell. Now it is going to sound like I'm a monster, but I loved the cuddles and she napped in bed with me, while the boys did whatever they liked. She was heaps better after a kip, and no more spewing, so we all just hung out and watched telly and played. And the shops were again busy, which always puts me in a good mood.

We got pizza delivered from Wholly Pizza. They have those huge slices like in movies. I just love it, and their service was awesome. We got bagels delivered too, so we're sorted for a yummy lunch tomorrow.

Blah blah happy happy. Things have turned. For some months there was no wine, and no good service from anyone. Happy.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Even 2 minutes after I wrote that, I realised it didn't make sense, but for Mission Martha's Brain I decided to just Go For It.

Plus Madonna came on the telly, and that bitch is powerful, loves.


(I do those kisses like I'm a rapper goddess, for one day the 40 year old rapper goddess will be queen, youse have been warned).

Utter ridiculousness

I figured at some point in the next decade I had to be hammered.

My god, when you're a little drunk the most awesome ideas are FLOWING. Like my bollywood/80s army, like that bit where I linked about my love of Russell Brown, and then there he was, in my shop! about um, how you can still respect spousal laughing when the headphones are in their ears and they don't realise and that entire sentence should have hyphens but they're a whole different deal when you're typing and how the earthquake gave you a suspician that you're on borrowed time and whisky time!!

Love you all.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Brain exercise

I'm not feeling brainy. I used to feel pretty onto it, but now my brain is FULL of boring staff rosters, GST returns, accounts to pay. Total yawnfest. I don't know how people keep a part of their brain for themselves when there is so much to have to think about, but they do, and I'm going to too. I just don't know how yet. Any suggestions are welcome.

I think what I used to do is, erm, nothing really, maybe that was the key. I'd have some quiet time, and sha-winnnng! Total brainiac!

Perhaps just the exercise of writing on here will be enough to provoke a surge in braincells. We'll try that eh. I remember when I first opened the shop, and I fancied myself sitting there at the counter, writing away. Turns out that isn't how shops work, who knew?

Until the brain mojo returns, read this lady.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Bullet time.

  • I read Room today. I really liked it. I don't read much these days, and I couldn't put it down.
  • I went into the shop last night and tried on heaps of clothes. It is the first time I've done it, and it was amazing, like having my own personal, well, shop (which I suppose I do have). I bought myself this and one of these (not pictured).
  • Things are much better than they were. We got back most of our money for the crashed car in Australia, which was great. We don't tend to take out the insurance on rental cars, and even though we've been caught out the last couple of times, we only actually lost a couple of hundred of bucks, which is what we would have lost if we'd taken out insurance, and not used it. Sounds very circular, I know, but we're happy.
  • The shops are ace. Winter was pretty grim, the recession kicked in, but basically we just realised that last year was blimming cruisy, and the shops are still viable. Talk to any retailer, and this is the year the recession bit. Plus things are definitely on the up now, and we're really enjoying them.
  • I got a new camera, look! It's suddenly like I can actually take photos, even if I can't put them prettily in the blog.
  • IMG_0081.JPG
  • Now I have to go and watch *cough* Glee. Wheeeeee!
  • Oh frack, seems something on my site is misbehaving, and I'm going to have to remove all the links (which were terribly out of date anyway, but still, wish I didn't have to.

Monday, September 06, 2010


Every year I manage to miss anything good on the awards shows, but I found this on YouTube, and it neatly combines my Joel McHale/Community love, 30 Rock new obsession (yes, I'm a late adopter), Glee secret fangirl ness, OMG Madmen/Jon Hamm, and Bruce Springsteen. I could watch it all day. It even has Tim Gunn!

Sunday, September 05, 2010


We've just been having the most insane batch of bad luck for the last couple of months, and it kind of ruins wanting to say anything on this blog, because everything is like "yeah, we went to Melbourne, but the car got pranged and it cost $4000", and "yeah, the shop is good, but then some cheeky motherfucker stole the ipod and it ruined my mood", and trust me, it has been a very long series of these sort of events. Fact is though, we're still very chipper. At this point all the stupidness is almost a joke, and as long as the bank doesn't actually expect us to pay back the credit card, we'll be fine.

And this year has just been full of reasons to not fret about these dramas. I think we've been acutely aware that, while things have been a bit mental, we are still happy, healthy and all those good things. And as if to drive that home a bit more, Christchurch has this mad earthquake yesterday. Christchurch is where I spent my childhood, and I'm very fond of the place. It is definitely my turangawaewae, I always feel like I've gone home when I visit, even though I was only 12 when I left. It is pretty weird to think that all the reasons I love it, all that sort of solid Englishness, has been largely busted.

I've been feeling for years that Petone was a ticking time bomb, but crikey, bloody Christchurch eh? Fortunately everyone in my family is fine and their houses have held up. What a weird year.