Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Goodbye darling Jenny

Jenny, aka the Editter, was one of the first bloggers I met. She was a hilarious, wonderful woman. She would leave lovely comments on my blog, and subtly correct my horrendous grammar. Actually, I'm finding it a bit difficult to spell anything with her in my mind! I'd find little links she'd left all over the internet to Babylicious, in many different forums, and I was always grateful for her support.

Jenny died today, after a battle with cancer that stole her away far too quickly. Having followed her pregnancy and before that her efforts to get pregnant, things seemed to be so great. She loved being a mum, and adored her baby and family.

I'm so sad. I know my loss is the teeniest fraction of what her family must be feeling, they must be absolutely wrecked.

Bloody hell. Too sad.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Project Jamie Oliver is go

Jamie Oliver can thank me, I have purchased his app for the iphone. All the recipes look very simple, so it is a long stretch from being the Julie/Julia project. I have in a past incarnation actually been a caterer, not that this means much, but I should be able to come up with some dinner ideas without the aid of a phone app. However, it is very cute and a fun way to not think about what to make for tea. So far I've made the pea soup with ciabatta and feta croutons (delicious), papadelle with bacon and asparagus (also delicious) and last night we had crispy fried chicken (extremely delicious).

I would like to acknowledge that I know I've spelled the above Italian words wrong. I would like to acknowledge that they will remain that way.

Tonight I'm going to make cauliflower cheese risotto, because that sounds like it will be delicious, and I'm a bit over all the bread and pasta stuff.

And for the 3 people who may not have seen this clip, some dining advice from the NZ Police:

In slightly police related news, we've watched the first season of The Wire. It was brilliant, and now we roll with a slight gansta swagger and try and slip a "mos def", "Balmor" and "aiiright" into our conversation. Middle-aged, white people from Petone should probably avoid this sort of behaviour.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Guess what, that was a month of silence, which conveniently coincided with new shop, school holidays and so on. YAWN.

Life turned into a complete freaking blur for a while there, but now I'm happily ensconced at home with the lovely Lucinda, and today with the lovely (vomiting) Finn, who remains lovely despite the lurgy.

It turns out it is much, much harder setting up a new business than running it. I have brilliant, capable people working in the shops, and all I need to do is look anxiously at the teetering pile of paperwork at home, do a bit of printing for Babylicious, package up Dishy orders and do the website stuff. Occasionally I get a turn in the Petone shop, which I enjoy a truckload. I've only "manned" the Mt Vic store for a couple of hours, which is a bit surreal. I think over the next months/years I'll get to spend plenty more time, but as long as I'm still feeding the babe, I'll be in and out like, um, something not-rude that goes in and out.

Such is my feeling of liberation, after what was frankly some pretty shit school holidays (weather and healthwise), that yesterday I read Julie and Julia (or whatever it is called, I can't be bothered leaning over to look). I really liked it, and suggested to Glen he could do the Ladies a Plate challenge, and cook something from it every day. Except really what we need is someone to cook dinner, so if you can recommend a decent dinner type cookbook, perhaps he could do that. Maybe Jamie Oliver? Anyway, ramble ramble, I really loved Julie, the author, and now I'm going to be a very good and regular blogger, and think of things to say other than "business is good, baby is cute".

Watch this space.