Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Guess what, that was a month of silence, which conveniently coincided with new shop, school holidays and so on. YAWN.

Life turned into a complete freaking blur for a while there, but now I'm happily ensconced at home with the lovely Lucinda, and today with the lovely (vomiting) Finn, who remains lovely despite the lurgy.

It turns out it is much, much harder setting up a new business than running it. I have brilliant, capable people working in the shops, and all I need to do is look anxiously at the teetering pile of paperwork at home, do a bit of printing for Babylicious, package up Dishy orders and do the website stuff. Occasionally I get a turn in the Petone shop, which I enjoy a truckload. I've only "manned" the Mt Vic store for a couple of hours, which is a bit surreal. I think over the next months/years I'll get to spend plenty more time, but as long as I'm still feeding the babe, I'll be in and out like, um, something not-rude that goes in and out.

Such is my feeling of liberation, after what was frankly some pretty shit school holidays (weather and healthwise), that yesterday I read Julie and Julia (or whatever it is called, I can't be bothered leaning over to look). I really liked it, and suggested to Glen he could do the Ladies a Plate challenge, and cook something from it every day. Except really what we need is someone to cook dinner, so if you can recommend a decent dinner type cookbook, perhaps he could do that. Maybe Jamie Oliver? Anyway, ramble ramble, I really loved Julie, the author, and now I'm going to be a very good and regular blogger, and think of things to say other than "business is good, baby is cute".

Watch this space.


Ange said...

We eat from Nigella Express a whole lot. A. Whole. Lot.

Jessie said...

A (male) friend showed me the Jamie Oliver meals-in-20-minutes iphone app last week. He was pretty excited about it.

Anonymous said...

There is also Nigel Slater, whose recipes are very practical and usually quick. I like the blurb for his current tv programme: "many people don't have time to follow cookery books". Yep, that's me.
Nigel Slater's website
NB the anti-spam word is 'watateva' which seems remarkably apposite.

Anonymous said...

We just got a nummy Vietnamese Cookbook... called Little Vietnam by Nut Huynh. I have no idea whether the recipes are easy to make but I can't stop LOOKING at the crispy pancakes!

Vicus Scurra said...

Thank you for the new post. I now no longer have to read the previous one every day.

imba said...

I Must get into town and visit your new store :-)

Pollyanna_H said...

Two words: Alison Holst