Monday, November 24, 2008

Under four weeks to go!

I'm lying on the couch with my feet up, not because I am the total lady of leisure, but because I was doing some shirt printing shizz, and crouched down, and lo! if my legs haven't filled up with fluid and turned into charming sausages. So here I am, on the couch, legs up on a beanbag, hoping they settle down a bit so I can get another half hour of printing in tonight.

Work is flat out. I am very amused by this concept of "maternity leave", ha ha ha, she laughs hysterically. Historically my babies come late, so I'm not worried about going into labour suddenly, but things like this leg swelling is kind of rubbish.

Glen has been despatched to the workshop to finish the heat setting. Poor bastard. It is his birthday and all.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Pimpin' mah ride

Yeah, so our house is in Your Home and Garden at the moment. It is quite weird. I suppose I should be shouting it from the roof-tops, but I'm still in slight shock.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The foxy town

What a weekend. Yesterday there was gardening in our front yard, we've built a trendy vege box on the lawn, and now it is chock full of radishes and carrots and chillies and basil and tomatoes. Not exactly vegetables to feed the millions, but sufficiently interesting that we may actually stick to this project (plus I have a carrot obsession, much like the one experienced in previous pregnancies).

Today we hooned up the coast to scope out a car in Foxton. Prettiest car ever, possibly could be biggest money guzzler ever, checking it out.

Foxton was a remarkably excellent destination. At the windmill there is a cafe proclaiming to sell the World's Best Lemon Meringue Pie. There is no resisting that, and holy shizz, it was awesome. Beautiful pastry, piquant lemon, fluffy meringue, mmm. And because it was hot I ordered an iced coffee, which came out complete with icecream and whipped cream and chocolate sauce. GET THEE TO FOXTON NOW.

Various stops for strawberries, train rides, carrots, the beach and fizzy meant it was the best day I've had in yonks.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Guess who?

Originally uploaded by Wanda Harland
Glen is off to a "B" party. Lucky bastard, he can get nice and drunk and avoid the stupid election, which I am suffering and vaguely hoping that my optimism will sway the results...

So, can you guess who he is going as?

Friday, November 07, 2008

Coherant thoughts are gone

I have this vague recollection of using bullet points when I was trying to keep it brief, or make some points. Now, well, I can barely string two sentences together. This will not stop me from writing today something that probably should be bullet pointed, given a complete lack of continuity and interestingness, but out of principle I try and not do too many bullet posts in a row.

Election tomorrow. I'm sad I can't go and vote drunk, like last time, where I berated the overseer, um, supervisor, oh brain! You know, SCRUTINEER, I think. He was wearing a National rosette, and I didn't like him being there, and I'd had a few vins so let him know. I'm so cool. Mind you, Petone is pretty red, so he shouldn't be surprised.

We're still trying to find a car we like that will fit our massive army of family members. I'm finding it hard to go past European cars, looking at our history in cars (we've had many), I tend to love the European ones best. My favourite was our little Alfa, oh how I adored it. I think we spent about a million dollars on getting rust removed and fun things like that, and yet, I still loved it.

Should anyone be looking for the perfect Christmas gift we have STORMTROOPER CUFFLINKS. They're awesome.

I've completely lost my bloggy mojo. I think the baby is sapping me of iron, sveltness and brains. Bless.

Monday, November 03, 2008

List of stuff:

  • 7 weeks to go until this kid is born. It is up the wrong way, I don't mind, keeps life interesting.
  • The shop has the most fabulous new shelves, although not many are up yet. It feels like a "real" shop now.
  • Today was very, very lovely. Neither boy went to school or kindy, and we picnicked at Days Bay and had a very wonderful time. There is a duck pond at the Days Bay park thing (my brain! Domain? Reserve?), and it has eels in it. I could watch eels for hours.
  • And a warm evening meant the second night in a row we were able to dine outside tonight.
  • A year in, and we can add up some numbers, and business is working out. YUSS.
  • We've gone very middle class, and put a raised vege garden in our front yard. It is just a box at the moment (I really want to waterproof it, and have it as a rustic swimming pool), but once we add soil and seeds, the bounty will be magnificent, and it has only cost about eighty six squizzilion dollars.
  • Some bastards are making mojitos on telly, and I would almost (almost!) kill for a mojito, hell, at this stage I'd almost kill for a glass of Chasseur Dry cask vin.
  • But I wouldn't kill for that.
  • Or anything.
  • I may or may not be avoiding writing a newsletter.