Sunday, November 16, 2008

The foxy town

What a weekend. Yesterday there was gardening in our front yard, we've built a trendy vege box on the lawn, and now it is chock full of radishes and carrots and chillies and basil and tomatoes. Not exactly vegetables to feed the millions, but sufficiently interesting that we may actually stick to this project (plus I have a carrot obsession, much like the one experienced in previous pregnancies).

Today we hooned up the coast to scope out a car in Foxton. Prettiest car ever, possibly could be biggest money guzzler ever, checking it out.

Foxton was a remarkably excellent destination. At the windmill there is a cafe proclaiming to sell the World's Best Lemon Meringue Pie. There is no resisting that, and holy shizz, it was awesome. Beautiful pastry, piquant lemon, fluffy meringue, mmm. And because it was hot I ordered an iced coffee, which came out complete with icecream and whipped cream and chocolate sauce. GET THEE TO FOXTON NOW.

Various stops for strawberries, train rides, carrots, the beach and fizzy meant it was the best day I've had in yonks.


Sarah said...

Sounds like my kind of divine family weekend. Good luck with the veggie patch and the car!

Meanwhile... you've left my mouth-watering and I shall go off to bed dreaming of Lemon Meringue Pie!


Anonymous said...

Now I feel really bad! Whenever I go home my parents are always trying to drag me over to Foxton to the most excellent windmill and I always refuse to go because I thought it sounded lame.

Although there used to be a good bacon factory in Foxton...

Martha Craig said...

Sarah, your weekend didn't look too shabby either!

Donna, I think half the joy of Foxton was the fact it had anything appealing about it, it was a total surprise. I'm still not convinced it is necessarily worth a special trip... although I didn't go up the windmill. I could just see my basketball shaped body bouncing down those stairs...