Monday, November 03, 2008

List of stuff:

  • 7 weeks to go until this kid is born. It is up the wrong way, I don't mind, keeps life interesting.
  • The shop has the most fabulous new shelves, although not many are up yet. It feels like a "real" shop now.
  • Today was very, very lovely. Neither boy went to school or kindy, and we picnicked at Days Bay and had a very wonderful time. There is a duck pond at the Days Bay park thing (my brain! Domain? Reserve?), and it has eels in it. I could watch eels for hours.
  • And a warm evening meant the second night in a row we were able to dine outside tonight.
  • A year in, and we can add up some numbers, and business is working out. YUSS.
  • We've gone very middle class, and put a raised vege garden in our front yard. It is just a box at the moment (I really want to waterproof it, and have it as a rustic swimming pool), but once we add soil and seeds, the bounty will be magnificent, and it has only cost about eighty six squizzilion dollars.
  • Some bastards are making mojitos on telly, and I would almost (almost!) kill for a mojito, hell, at this stage I'd almost kill for a glass of Chasseur Dry cask vin.
  • But I wouldn't kill for that.
  • Or anything.
  • I may or may not be avoiding writing a newsletter.


stephen said...

Williams Park?

Kelly said...

Yay, 7 weeks to go! I'm counting down along with you. Thankfully I've finally started to "pop out" and LOOK this pregnant.

There is hope for your mojito craving: a study published a few days ago showed that "light drinking" in pregnancy may actually be beneficial. Have a look at the press release here:

I've had a half-glass of champagne twice in the past week, after months of total abstinence, and I'm enjoying having that little bit of freedom - especially with the holidays approaching!

P.S. Mine's around the wrong way too - but there's plenty of time for a few somersaults to change that. :)

charlotte said...

seven weeks. jeepers.
get thee to the acupuncturist for some moxa if you can be bothered.

and bum up on 4 pillows on bed.
worked for me last time.

names names names, martha was on our list. here's our list minus the chosen name (that or we'll end up with the same named kid if ours doesn't suit our first choice).

ophelia, rin, imogen, beatrix, matilda, neroli, tilda, ursula, mirabelle, albertine, audrey, ava, blossom, calista, fern, willow, imogen, iris, iona, morag,frith, rosalind, vera, veronica, veda, yolanda.

Martha Craig said...

Charlotte, only 4 1/2 weeks now, and the baby turned by itself, despite my best efforts at encouraging it to stay, so I could be too posh to push.

As it happens, one of your names is one of our favourites. I like em' all.