Monday, November 24, 2008

Under four weeks to go!

I'm lying on the couch with my feet up, not because I am the total lady of leisure, but because I was doing some shirt printing shizz, and crouched down, and lo! if my legs haven't filled up with fluid and turned into charming sausages. So here I am, on the couch, legs up on a beanbag, hoping they settle down a bit so I can get another half hour of printing in tonight.

Work is flat out. I am very amused by this concept of "maternity leave", ha ha ha, she laughs hysterically. Historically my babies come late, so I'm not worried about going into labour suddenly, but things like this leg swelling is kind of rubbish.

Glen has been despatched to the workshop to finish the heat setting. Poor bastard. It is his birthday and all.


Sarah said...

Oh no! Poor you! Hope the sausage legs subside quickly and really feel for you with so much going on at the moment.

Don't suppose you're running a sweep stake as to when bubs might make an appearance?! Could be an interesting Christmas! Takes me back 3 year's ago when I was due with my second child - she arrived on Boxing Day!

Very best wishes (I won't say 'rest up'!),

Sarah x

Martha Craig said...

What was her due date?

Haven't thought about a sweepstake! With two inductions under my belt, I have no idea what my gestation is, but I suspect not less than 42 weeks (which makes my "less than 4 weeks" somewhat optimistic).

I'm fine really, just a bit inundated with orders, which I thought the recession might give me a rest from...

Sarah said...

Due date was 22 December (but I'd gone 12 day's over due with my first daughter - I had accupuncture treatment on day 11 and way hay - action after that!).

I spent Christmas day with my legs crossed trying to communicate with bubs to hold off and let my first daughter enjoy her Christmas before her world got turned upside down! - Seemed to work!

She waited till 11pm on Christmas Day to kick in with contractions and arrive 8.30am Boxing Day morning. My dear Grandma in England just couldn't work out the time difference thing and kept saying, 'But it's Christmas day here! Pour me another gin!'.

Best wishes, Sarah x