Monday, October 27, 2008

I like big bellies and I can't deny

We finally got a mirror for our room, it is massive. I was very surprised to find out how fetching I'm finding my enormous belly at the moment. Having not really had a mirror for a year or so, I was expecting the worst, but really, it is quite magnificent. Very large, very wriggly, very uncomfortable, and very miraculous. You'd think that by the third child you'd be over all this wonderment, but I think the first two pregnancies were more full of nervousness and exhaustedness. I just can't believe this one is happening.

We've got no ideas for names and all, so any contributions are very welcome. Poor nameless baby.

Beautiful weekend, just lovely. I'm a bit blissed out today, in case you didn't notice. The weekend was great, I barely worked, got some lovely first birthday balloons and fairy bread from Anne, ate liquorice, went on a picnic, started a vege garden, bought some baby shizz (including the CUTEST NAPPIES EVER), got some new gruts, told Finn what "gruts" means, you know, had fun and laughed at the kids bum jokes, even though I should've been disapproving. Hung loose basically.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Well, here I am going on about our birthday in the shop, and I check the archives, and behold, it was our birthday 4 days ago. Teach me to listen to my husband.

So, in the fashion of someone who might possibly blog live (read: not have thought through the post before starting) I will now take photos of the shop, and then I shall post them. It will be tremendously swell, and if you are easily excited, perhaps go to the loo now.

Okay, so live that I can't upload them cos of being busy.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Live Blogging Plan

There won't be live blogging, because it may make me inclined to voice my less than charitable thoughts about certain people who like to comment on how everything in my shop is expensive, which may lead me to send them to a big red shed, and not point out the multitude of items that are less than $10 in here.

No, I'll rise above being baited by people, and share my important thoughts on the beauty of the universe, and the fact that there is no recession/depression in New Zealand.

Or not.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Yo, I'm still here.

My sister has been asking for a picture of the tummy, so I went one better and posed for a sensational shot, I think it shows the rampant effect hormones are having, and perfectly captures the gorgeous effect of pregnancy on a woman's body.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Highlights of a crazy day of crazy in the land of crazy

  • Getting up for my 7am flight feeling remarkably refreshed, despite only having 2 hours sleep.
  • Having breakfast in a cafe for the first time in years. Mmm, bacon and eggs and good company and a latte. And Jo Seagar was there (Auckland always produces a minor celeb to look at).
  • Powering through gift fair, buying truckloads of good stuff, avoiding mountains of dross. I managed to resist every Jack Daniel's mirror, soft toy, fake flower, scented candle in the joint.
  • Remaining calm whilst finding out that my plane was delayed, even though my level of exhaustion meant that I would probably have wept if asked to change gates or walk through the security thing again, oh, hang on, I managed to do that without crying. I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR.
  • Buying my lovely boys some presents and a six pack of Dunkin' Donuts, for I am all class.
  • Having my lovely boys meet me at the airport, and even though I got them quality edukashional toys, they liked the Kinder Surprises best, for they are little kiddies, and they have me for a mother.
  • Being home.

Friday, October 03, 2008

The leisurelyness of leisure

Something is afoot. I've had a bath, applied a mask of Rotorua mud, whilst soaking in some lavender salt thingies, and now I'm sitting around until we watch The Office. Tomorrow the shop is being minded, and the chiddlers are off to the Wairarapa for some holiday fun with my folks. We keep sort of looking at each other and saying "what are we going to do?". Realistically, the fact is that half a day isn't that much time off, but it seems mammoth.

Life has been busy, but the sun has been sunning and we're ignoring the wind being a blowing. There is a little nest of baby birds in our backyard, and the birdy parents are taunting Florence the Dog like taunting is going out of fashion. I love those wee birdies.

On Sunday I head up to Auckland for some business stuff, some stock buying not that exciting business stuff. It feels like miles away, what with my half day off tomorrow. God, I'm going to be so relaxed I'm nervous I'll turn into a pool of jelly.