Friday, October 03, 2008

The leisurelyness of leisure

Something is afoot. I've had a bath, applied a mask of Rotorua mud, whilst soaking in some lavender salt thingies, and now I'm sitting around until we watch The Office. Tomorrow the shop is being minded, and the chiddlers are off to the Wairarapa for some holiday fun with my folks. We keep sort of looking at each other and saying "what are we going to do?". Realistically, the fact is that half a day isn't that much time off, but it seems mammoth.

Life has been busy, but the sun has been sunning and we're ignoring the wind being a blowing. There is a little nest of baby birds in our backyard, and the birdy parents are taunting Florence the Dog like taunting is going out of fashion. I love those wee birdies.

On Sunday I head up to Auckland for some business stuff, some stock buying not that exciting business stuff. It feels like miles away, what with my half day off tomorrow. God, I'm going to be so relaxed I'm nervous I'll turn into a pool of jelly.

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