Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Name theory

Is the resurgence in old fashioned names due to the fact that everyone, like me, reads the deaths column in the paper for inspiration?


Look Left Karen said...

Oh yes I think you're right...I sought inspiration from an Australian Graveyard when I was first preggers...nothing doing though...I do believe the best I came up with was Constance and it never got the go ahead. Good luck, any leads thus farly?

Flower said...

My cousin just named his son Arthur. Lovely. :)

But for a girl liking Anahera, can be Ana for short - means 'Angel' in Te Reo. Love the way it rolls off the tounge.

Good luck with the choosing :)

Oy Vey said...

Henry, Louis, Sophie, and Eleanor are all quite popular here at the moment.

I was way ahead on that craze 5 years ago when I named my cat Sophie.