Monday, September 08, 2008

Hormones or something

Strange things are afoot with my brain, not to mention my body. This girl inside me is giving me a burning urge to make a quilt. Fer goodness sake, I have no idea where to start, why I want to, or what it means. It must be some fearsome nesting urge, I have this paranoia that we'll find ourselves at Christmas with nowhere for the kid to sleep, and nothing to sleep in. The fact I've done this twice before, and I happen to know that all a baby needs is pretty much provided by the mother and wipes.

Also, terrible baby is giving me carpal tunnel. This means that typing gives me little electric shocks through my wrist. I love you that much.


Tom said...

What you need to do is get the wee bairn-to-be DNA tested, then make one of these.

Look Left Karen said...

Those Genome Quilts might be wonderful, interesting and even innovative if the quilter didn't use those God awful faux-marble-bad-ass quilting fabrics...Martha don't let the hormones totally overwhelm your sensible stylish brain...please no bad-ass quilt fabrics. Stay strong.

Carpal tunnel sucks, good luck with that.