Monday, September 01, 2008


  • It is first of month, this is nice because it is Spring, and also nice because lots of people order stock. Consequently I'm flat out (for a change).
  • Baby girl weighs 684g. Doctor said this is a fricking unreliable measurement, but not a bad one.
  • I should be writing a shop newsletter, because I want to share the joy of the new Saben bags in an appropriate arena, but I can't be arsed/don't have time (I read somewhere that you should never use the excuse of not having time, because nobody does, but what if it happens to be true? Writing newsletters means photos and time and not sounding completely lame, blog posting is the opposite).
  • The shop was the busiest ever in the weekend (well, apart from Christmas). Lovely jubbly.
  • I would like some gin, with an olive, and maybe a hint of vermouth.
  • But I will have a water.


hers said...

684g? Not bad. A bit of work to do, but not bad.

Oh, and I'm back, albeit in a different guise ...

charlotte said...

god, how can they weigh her?
i had midwife yesterday too. not much to report except that you don't have to book an epidural at the royal free - there are apparently so many anaesthetists one can have one at the last minute should one have a change of heart. Although I dreamt mine popped out like a rugby ball. Oh, midwife said get to the hospital FAST for this one. No waiting around at home for babychops ii.

Anyway. I had a red wine last night. Just the one. Today I have post-alcohol-depression and a mild feeling of being hungover. I suspect I've done enough drinking for my entire life in the past fifteen years and now is the time to swear off it.

Anna S said...

So does this mean the old Saben bags are going on sale?