Sunday, September 07, 2008


  • Babylicious has a snazzy new menu, Glen has been working on it for months, and today it is live and pretty.
  • Father's Day was nice. I made pancakes, and worked the shop for the day, and made dinner, so I feel okay about eating all the choccies.
  • Now I'm knackered.
  • Mike has made a Facebook group for the Party Party, you should join. It could be the beginning of something huge, and we could all get ferried around in those Crown BMWs (which would help solve my car issues, I'm sure those things would fit three carseats).


Anonymous said...

Babylicious looks lovely, but any links I click on from the menu take me to 404 land. Do you think the baby has been tinkering with the website in your sleep?

Mike Riversdale said...

Biff the link to the blog, you don't use it (and fair enough) so don't let people go there