Saturday, July 28, 2012

Doing things

I get sad about this blog. It was such an awesome part of my life for years, and I really felt like I'd found my voice with it. Lots of things happened though, Facebook took off, Twitter became a constant stream of consciousness thing, rather than concocting blog post during the day I'll blat out my every thought.

I had a third baby, opened a second shop, moved house. Time marches on and I still neglect it. I haven't the time or inclination to plug the SD card in or take photos. I'll leave the blog here as long as Blogspot will have it, but I suspect it is pretty much a historical document (and has been for a few years).

My vision of myself when I have more time is of being a more creative person. I'd like to do all the vague projects that waft around in my head. I'm realistic and realise that some time in the distant future I might not want to be a shop-owner, and I often think about what I'd do after. I think dreaming of a Lotto win is a good way to work out where you'd like to be, at the moment I think if I won Lotto mostly things would stay the same. I like the kids' school a lot, I love the shops, I like where we live. I'd like more holidays and maybe to study something fun, but three little kids are the reason I don't do that, not a lack of money or motivation.

All this vague waffling doesn't really say anything, just that I'm still around, would like to be around more, am not stressing about that.