Saturday, July 28, 2012

Doing things

I get sad about this blog. It was such an awesome part of my life for years, and I really felt like I'd found my voice with it. Lots of things happened though, Facebook took off, Twitter became a constant stream of consciousness thing, rather than concocting blog post during the day I'll blat out my every thought.

I had a third baby, opened a second shop, moved house. Time marches on and I still neglect it. I haven't the time or inclination to plug the SD card in or take photos. I'll leave the blog here as long as Blogspot will have it, but I suspect it is pretty much a historical document (and has been for a few years).

My vision of myself when I have more time is of being a more creative person. I'd like to do all the vague projects that waft around in my head. I'm realistic and realise that some time in the distant future I might not want to be a shop-owner, and I often think about what I'd do after. I think dreaming of a Lotto win is a good way to work out where you'd like to be, at the moment I think if I won Lotto mostly things would stay the same. I like the kids' school a lot, I love the shops, I like where we live. I'd like more holidays and maybe to study something fun, but three little kids are the reason I don't do that, not a lack of money or motivation.

All this vague waffling doesn't really say anything, just that I'm still around, would like to be around more, am not stressing about that.



Amanda said...

I regret my blog seems to have entered into a terminal decline. Recently I have been feeling frustrated that I've become a consumer of other peoples creativity rather than a creator myself. It's not that I ever thought I was creating great art as a blogger but for me its a more satisfying form of self expression and communication than clicking Like on Facebook is. So yes, I hear you- I'm also still around and would like to be around more but life and stuff gets in the way.

Martha Craig said...

I still enjoy when you write and I'd like to urge you to keep writing even if it's only occasional and I'll do the same. xm

Vicus Scurra said...

1) stop beating yourself up. Your blog has always been very well written and warm.
2) It is not a duty and so there is no obligation to write.
3) You are lovely.

Martha Craig said...

Vicus! You moved me to tears. Most unexpected.

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