Thursday, March 31, 2005

Bloody weather

This blog hasn't quite turned out the way I'd imagined. I was thinking it would be filled with insightful commentary about the world. Also the charming minutiae of day to day life. It would have clever links and stunning photos that would get me discovered by Magnum.

I'm blaming the weather for the fact it isn't working that way.

So instead of fascinating insights - here goes day to day tedium.

This morning started at about 6 with a yell from Malo and subsequent feed. Finn got up shortly after, but I hid in bed til about 8. Usual feeding, showering chaos til Glen went to work. Then much road building, Thomas track making, a bit of Elmo, some phonecalling, some organising a joiner, some getting morning tea, followed shortly after by getting lunch. Someone wanted to look at the car we have for sale, so there was a bit of car cleaning (though the guy didn't show up). After lunch there was a bit of trying to get Finn to sleep - which I gave up on after 20 minutes. I bought some snazzy shoes on Ebay. Love Ebay. Spent the afternoon trying to give Finn his due attention and watching Dogtown and Z-boys (which was cool). Made Jamie Oliver's Chicken Maryland for tea (which was delicious). Had a bath with Malo. Having a glass of wine and trying to type straight now.

Do you know, for a crappy rainy day it all actually added up to a bloody pleasant one? Quite good to write it all down.

More wine now I think.

Cafe update

Nothing to update really. We've made our best offer and the guy is still holding out on us. We're only 5k apart in price at this point, but it is a pretty critical 5k to us. Don't really want to lose our house over the deal. Poos, thinking about it makes me grumpy. I'll write something a bit more chipper later.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005


I've been invited out on Friday night. I'm not sure what that means any more. I remember it used to mean going and getting really pissed and eating food that would probably kill you any other time (hot chicken roll from Shell Vivian anyone?) Now I imagine going out probably involves being a bit sophisticated and talking about work and politics. I can probably manage the politics, although it changes all the bloody time so can't be sure.

I dread that moment when you're talking to an old acquaintance and it becomes apparent that they don't know anything about your life and couldn't really give a rats arse. I feel the same about them usually so it is just a question of escaping. Until a couple of months ago I had a very tedious job for Te Papa that I did from home, and it was amazing what a relief it was to have that to talk about.

I think really I've just got to get used to the idea that I'm a bit of a grown up now and learn to discuss recent movies, art, music etc.

Doesn't being really pissed sound nicer though?

Monday, March 28, 2005


The computer (and consequently me) has been relocated from the rear of the house next to the pantry to the luxury of the lounge. We've got a builder coming in tomorrow to remove the very attractive conservatory/laundry which was attached quite illegally to the back of our house. We're getting a fantastic huge deck in its place to enjoy every last ray of sunshine Petone throws at us.

I got rid of the shitty old aluminium ranchslider and window on trademe. Someone has already bid on the shitty pantry I listed 10 minutes ago for a dollar. Bloody amazing thing trademe.

We've been in this house for almost 2 years and it has been insanely full on. We've done it all ourselves apart from the plumbing (and even some of that we tried ourselves, I suspect causing the not very healthy damp smell in the bathroom). We've learned to tile, gib stop, fence, floor polish, lay lawn, garden, remove pelmets and all manner of handy stuff. I think the fact it is all almost over is the reason we're looking at buying the cafe.

And the cafe... well, we think it is ours. Should know by tomorrow. We've already jacked up a DJ for weekend brunches and fingers crossed an exhibition for our grand opening. Of course we haven't actually signed anything so will let you know the location after that fairly vital step.

I'm a bit nervous about living in a house with 2 small boys and a builder and suspect I won't be able to let them watch too many videos for fear of looking like a bad parent, so I mightn't be able to sift around on the internet all day...

Friday, March 25, 2005


I love space. Not the universe and solar system and all that (although it is fine). I love when buildings get knocked down. I drove down the top of Willis St yesterday, and there is some gorgeous new space there.

I don't want to get into the bypass issue. I spent a long time sharing an office with someone who cared very much about it, and to be honest I've kind of done my dash with the whole thing.

What I like is that big air feeling you get when a building goes. Some bastard knocked down a very cool old building on the corner of Jackson and Cuba Sts recently. Dumb to lose the building, but lovely to have the space. Everytime it happens somewhere you think "imagine if they left it like that, or as a nice park".

There was a massive scandal surrounding the old Radio NZ building on Bowen St. It has turned into the greatest little area ever to eat your lunch now - with all the public servants.

When I rule the world I'll do that to lots of places.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

JC JC will you die for me?

I like Campbell live. I think John has finally found his niche. He was too smarmy doing the news. On Campbell live he can afford to be ironic and irreverent and I'm thinking it is going to be good. Thank god because without the Simpsons for the hundredth time there was nothing to watch.

Now I may have my facts slightly off, but wasn't it John Campbell who did the alternative rugby commentary on Active? It was so funny that I used to almost pee my pants. Made rugby bearable when I was pretending to know about it to woo my husband...but that's another story.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Big loud swear words

I was so proud, so happy. It took a while but eventually I managed to get the links to an appropriate part of the page - not at the very bottom where I first tried, and not at the very top where they next landed, but happily on the sidebar where they belonged. But can I edit the goddamn things?

I admit I'm not an expert. This isn't rocket science though, and when I type something in the right place I WANT BLOODY RESULTS.

Poor me. I'm going to bed. I was going to tackle pictures but I am disheartened.

Butterflies in my belly

We made an offer last night on the cafe, and it wasn't gratefully accepted. In fact it wasn't accepted at all. The guy is going to see if there is any other interest over the next couple of weeks. If not I think we'll get it, but I might die of some stress related illness before then, or get a big ulcer or something.

I've already got the menu planned, art exhibitions booked (in my head at least) and staffing needs sorted. Everyone I know has offered to work there.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Life changing decision

Would it be responsible for Glen to give up his steady job for cafe ownership. I would be chief cook and Glen would become a barista and childminder - as well as accountant, cleaner etc. All the glamour that business ownership entails.

We've got our eye on a lovely place. I used to have a takeaway and catering business in Wadestown , so we have some idea of what is involved. However when I owned Foodworks we were pretty footloose and fancy free and spent most of the profits at Bodega. Now we've got a mortgage and a place in the suburbs it all seems a bit more serious.

Still, it would be frickin great to be masters of our own destiny, so to speak.

Saturday, March 19, 2005


I've been a bit down on Canada. I find it a bit half arsed. I thought I'd better grow up though, suss out the pros and cons of Canada to ascertain whether I'm being irrational. Please assist.

Maple syrup
Margaret Atwood
Best Foods mayonnaise
Philip and Terence

Celine Dion
Celine Dion's husband
Brian Adams
Scott Wolf from Party of Five

There seem to be more pros than cons, but Celine Dion really is a con for every Vegas show.

Grow up Martha, she brings joy to many.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Dumb and dumber

Terry was just telling me about an article he read in the Spectator which was about how the world is set up to help the disabled, yet there is no such support for the stupid. I wondered whether this was related to education at all. Then on Linda Clark I heard her talking to the guy from the Children's Bookshop. He spoke about a study just published in America which looked at a group of kids from different socio-economic groups and their word recognition. This is going to be a typically uninformed anecdote because I can't really remember the exact stats. The gist of it was that of the "professional" group children aged 5 had about 56 million word recognition throughout their life - the figure was 13 million for the "welfare class" who had less access to books. Read to your children.

Day one

Well looky here. We'll see how long this gig lasts.