Tuesday, March 29, 2005


I've been invited out on Friday night. I'm not sure what that means any more. I remember it used to mean going and getting really pissed and eating food that would probably kill you any other time (hot chicken roll from Shell Vivian anyone?) Now I imagine going out probably involves being a bit sophisticated and talking about work and politics. I can probably manage the politics, although it changes all the bloody time so can't be sure.

I dread that moment when you're talking to an old acquaintance and it becomes apparent that they don't know anything about your life and couldn't really give a rats arse. I feel the same about them usually so it is just a question of escaping. Until a couple of months ago I had a very tedious job for Te Papa that I did from home, and it was amazing what a relief it was to have that to talk about.

I think really I've just got to get used to the idea that I'm a bit of a grown up now and learn to discuss recent movies, art, music etc.

Doesn't being really pissed sound nicer though?


Alan said...

Lucky! But the problem with getting pissed (nice though it sounds) is that the kids still get up at the same time as always. There is no hell quite like a pounding hangover and rambunctious, uncooperative kids at 6:30 in the morning...

For conversation - why not mention your blog? By the time you explain the what, the why, and if they have a lot of stamina, the how, you shouldn't run out of things to talk about. And the bonus is that they won't bother you again!

Martha said...

I had a practice run last night and went into the city. We went to Liquidate and I got bought a glass of lovely pinot - so all off to a good start. The evening proceeded beautifully as everyone else got hammered and told lots of great office scandals (they're old workmates). I kept my poise and impressed with delightful anecdotes. Not really, but because I was sober and everyone else pissed I think I did okay.

Chose not to mention the blog. At this point only my sister and husband know about it. Gives me more liberty to be a bitch.

morphess said...

Ha.I know what you mean. I'm ancient but I still expect someone to shout;
"Hey, what are you doing here? You're not a grown-up." when i go out to 'gown-up' functions. Isn't everyone increbly boring when they are pissed and you are not?

morphess said...

*ahem* I seem to have left someones web page instead of my own...*sigh* still, he's very funny..

Martha said...

Well bless, I found them all to be very revealing rather than unfunny... I'm normally the indiscreet one so nice to be the one who'll remember it all for a change.

morphess said...

Ha, yes me too. Inforced sobriety during 3 pregancies, and the resulting breast feeding, gave me a whole new look on life.
Over now though...HAHAHAHA.