Thursday, March 24, 2005

JC JC will you die for me?

I like Campbell live. I think John has finally found his niche. He was too smarmy doing the news. On Campbell live he can afford to be ironic and irreverent and I'm thinking it is going to be good. Thank god because without the Simpsons for the hundredth time there was nothing to watch.

Now I may have my facts slightly off, but wasn't it John Campbell who did the alternative rugby commentary on Active? It was so funny that I used to almost pee my pants. Made rugby bearable when I was pretending to know about it to woo my husband...but that's another story.


Alan said...

Yeah that was him. One of the duo of Sparky Plug and Friendly Brains.

Still waiting to catch Campbell Live, but I'm sure it'll be marvellous!

And how apt your wish at Easter!

Martha said...

must be some kind of divine intervention because I hadn't even given that a thought.