Monday, March 21, 2005

Life changing decision

Would it be responsible for Glen to give up his steady job for cafe ownership. I would be chief cook and Glen would become a barista and childminder - as well as accountant, cleaner etc. All the glamour that business ownership entails.

We've got our eye on a lovely place. I used to have a takeaway and catering business in Wadestown , so we have some idea of what is involved. However when I owned Foodworks we were pretty footloose and fancy free and spent most of the profits at Bodega. Now we've got a mortgage and a place in the suburbs it all seems a bit more serious.

Still, it would be frickin great to be masters of our own destiny, so to speak.


Sarah said...

If you offered a discount for bloggers, so we could all go there in our black turtlenecks and compose our inane ramblings over soy lattes, then it would sound like an excellent idea to me.

Martha said...

When we own our place it will be discounts all round. Bloggers, goodlookers and celebs. We'll be utterly shallow.