Monday, July 27, 2009

My boys on telly!


Sometime ago I committed, via blog, to doing up a hideous chair I got on Trade Me. As these things go, it hasn't happened, in fact we grew sort of fond of the mint leather and the mahogany wood.
Model shown for scale
Then we slapped ourselves around our faces and said NO. We are not going to slide into middle age with mint coloured leather and mahogany wood. We are going to try and do something like this:
SAUSAGE_DOG_500from the very talented Jimmie Martin. Just need to learn about upholstery, leather painting, gilding... this project may be some time.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Random shit

  • Oldest child is 7 now. Middle child is starting school soon. Baby is gorgeous.
  • I feel like this is a confessional. I read all the Twilight books. They were shit, but I don't regret reading them, I don't watch rubbish telly, so clearly I read rubbish books to fill that bit of my brain.
  • I now suspect quite a few people of being vampires.
  • There are fireworks in Petone on Saturday, they're really worth coming to see.
  • I finally got an iphone. My descent into rampant consumerism is complete.
  • I need to be really productive now, to justify aforementioned phone. I feel a new business brewing, after all, it has been over a year since the last one. Someone stop me now.