Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Name theory

Is the resurgence in old fashioned names due to the fact that everyone, like me, reads the deaths column in the paper for inspiration?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Here I am!

Live blogging from the shop, due to a spell of quiet I believe I can attribute to daylight savings, and the fact people feel like it is the crack of dawn.

I'm recovered from the demon lurgy, such a relief. I was a bit paranoid that I felt like death because of pregnancy, but it turned out to be a good old fashioned flu, which has moved on to another sucker.

Speaking of pregnancy, less than 12 weeks to go. I'm nervous, and the midwife very kindly put in my notes that my last labour was "stressful and overwhelming", or something. I don't know if my body is paying attention to midwife notes though, so we'll see if this one is any better.

The reason for the silence around here is that I've been busy, hah! Surprise! Normally the end of the month gets nice and chilled out with the orders, because retailers generally do their ordering at the beginning of the month for billing purposes. I was all ready to slide into calm mode, and we got flooded with wholesale business. And shop business. I guess this means until Christmas we won't be getting any more breaks. If you want me I'll be the 9 months pregnant one lumbering around filling boxes.

Shop business has been helped by a spread in the Dom Post last weekend about our house. Funny! They were nice pictures. I'd post them here, but I'm never clever enough to keep newspaper clippings. When I'm old I'll just have to make up stories for my grandchildren about how Grandma Martha was this one time in the paper, and then maybe something to thrill them like having a helicopter trip and martinis with Paris Hilton, and then they won't believe anything, and I'll chuckle and have another sip of gin. This is my plan for retirement.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

On a more positive note

I am LOVING the Transformers movie.

I have the plague (still)

  • The last week has seen me google: Symptoms of pneumonia, carpal tunnel relief and sore chest in pregnancy. I'm possibly dying, but hopeful that some sun will fix me.
  • My baby turned 4 today. He is so darned old and gorgeous. We had the day off to hang out, and sing him lovely hippy trippy songs at his kindy.
  • I bought a cot today. It is very pretty, and I'm dying to start nesting for proper.
  • I had the most insane, stressful, photographer filled day on Monday. I'll tell you about it on Saturday. Given my current health status, perhaps I hallucinated the whole thing.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ill communication

I'm sick, the kids are sick, we're not going away this weekend.
Le sigh.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Hormones or something

Strange things are afoot with my brain, not to mention my body. This girl inside me is giving me a burning urge to make a quilt. Fer goodness sake, I have no idea where to start, why I want to, or what it means. It must be some fearsome nesting urge, I have this paranoia that we'll find ourselves at Christmas with nowhere for the kid to sleep, and nothing to sleep in. The fact I've done this twice before, and I happen to know that all a baby needs is pretty much provided by the mother and wipes.

Also, terrible baby is giving me carpal tunnel. This means that typing gives me little electric shocks through my wrist. I love you that much.

Sunday, September 07, 2008


  • Babylicious has a snazzy new menu, Glen has been working on it for months, and today it is live and pretty.
  • Father's Day was nice. I made pancakes, and worked the shop for the day, and made dinner, so I feel okay about eating all the choccies.
  • Now I'm knackered.
  • Mike has made a Facebook group for the Party Party, you should join. It could be the beginning of something huge, and we could all get ferried around in those Crown BMWs (which would help solve my car issues, I'm sure those things would fit three carseats).

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Man, I'm so BORED by this election already. Time to start the Party Party, we just wanna party! I'm accepting nominations, and counting on government funding, since Helen is keen that political parties be funded by government, rather than rich friends. Rich friends will be expected to host fabulous parties in their mansions for Party Party members.

We'll have a sensible range of policies, and heavy taxation on the rich, to ensure that our Party Party can allow the peeps to party. It is very apparent, listening to the news, that many New Zealanders need a chance to chill. This will be the primary policy philosophy. If policies can have philosophies.

It has been so many years since I did that Politics degree, that a few of the details of our system are becoming hazy...

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Sensing murder

I sense the hoodie with the yellow stripes on the young victim (actor) on Sensing Murder were once white, until they were carefully painted by hand by a couple of foxy ladies at an address somewhere in Petone.

Monday, September 01, 2008


  • It is first of month, this is nice because it is Spring, and also nice because lots of people order stock. Consequently I'm flat out (for a change).
  • Baby girl weighs 684g. Doctor said this is a fricking unreliable measurement, but not a bad one.
  • I should be writing a shop newsletter, because I want to share the joy of the new Saben bags in an appropriate arena, but I can't be arsed/don't have time (I read somewhere that you should never use the excuse of not having time, because nobody does, but what if it happens to be true? Writing newsletters means photos and time and not sounding completely lame, blog posting is the opposite).
  • The shop was the busiest ever in the weekend (well, apart from Christmas). Lovely jubbly.
  • I would like some gin, with an olive, and maybe a hint of vermouth.
  • But I will have a water.