Monday, March 31, 2008

First day failure

Yesterday didn't go so well with the planned health kick. There were a couple of reasons; there was an opened bottle of pinot gris in the fridge, and the solo parenting lark we do in the weekend (with one of us at the shop) is exhausting, and by the time 4.30pm rolls around we seriously need a treat.

That is no excuse for the fact a second bottle of wine was opened. I'm paying for it today. Bleurgh.

Oh well, onward and upward. 1st April will be a new start.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

My year of living madly

With the end of the financial year I'm drawing a halt to mad living.

Really, I think I've been working to hard at the expense of my health. I know that sounds a bit dramatic, but every night I've been slaving away over the computer or over a mountain of screenprinting, and in anticipation of the work ahead, dinner has been the simplest thing I can knock together (ie simple boring pasta and blah food).

So, my new financial year's resolution is to shop more. Yay! For food... I commit to at least one trip a week to Moore Wilson's for a vege and fish stock up. Before you suggest it, no, we can't make it to the weekend markets.

I will only drink alcohol when I go out, and not at home to unwind.

I will leap out of bed fresh as a daisy and take the dog for a nice walk on the beach.

I will not succumb to sugar when I'm at the shop and starving, because it really makes me feel horrible. Instead I will stock the place up with nuts and yummy things (must forget about delicious liquorice at Dutch shop m u s t f o r g e t).

I will pack myself a lunchbox as goodlooking as the one I feed my boys.

I will turn off the computer in the evening unless I need to do invoicing fun stuff.

I reckon in about 6 weeks I'll have much more energy, and a sunny, healthy complexion to match.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Big trucks!

Mr MiramarMike and his daughter and I had a lovely cuppa together this morning. The sun streamed in, and the birds chirped, and we both sort of schemed a bit. It was nice.

Then back out to Petone which is roadworks central. Really, really tempted to shut the doors, all I can see outside are steamrollers (I don't imagine steam has anything to do with steamrollers now, nor probably ever has in my life, given that I'm such a spring chicken), and trucks and gravel. Nup, no customers today. The Esplanade is also being dug up. Methinks someone should maybe have given some thought to the fact that the motorway is being dug up, the Esplanade, and Jackson St. All at the same time.

So I'm sitting on my arse eating liquorice and wondering why there aren't more actual buff road workers to watch, other than one chap in a vest directing traffic.

Good news for bloggie mates, and real life excellent people, Jules and Megan, who are all over the media. Yay guys! And check out Remy's t shirt, those guys deserve a foxton fizz.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Maybe today is time to use bullets for evil.

  • Evil roadworks are going on outside our shop. Stinky. Although, you know, I'm sure it is for the greater good.
  • I'm not really feeling particularly evil.
  • That said, I was looking forward to a night in front of telly, and I had forgotten that it is all SHIT.
  • But I don't care, because I have a lively imagination, and enough work to do that good telly would be too much of a distraction.
  • See? Not evil.
  • I watched Gossip Girl. It was a bit evil, because it dragged me away from work, and yet, wasn't great. The clothes on it were though, and the limos. Gotta get me a limo.
  • Beetroot dip is evil. I love it. It must be.
  • If Girls of the Playboy Mansion isn't on tonight, well, I'll be all evil and disappointed.

I'm giving up the evil bullet points. Bullet points are so cute and nifty, they can only be used for good.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Friday, March 21, 2008

What a good Friday

Malo's kindy had sent home a newsletter suggesting we hold off giving hot cross buns before Friday, and eggs before Sunday, and we thought this seemed like a good idea, make them more exciting and all that. So our hot cross buns have been eyeballing me from the freezer for the last two weeks, pleading with me to eat them, and I've been all virtuous and "nooooo little buns, your time will come, and it will be appropriate, even though we don't necessarily believe in the origins, although if we're going to have long conversations with hot cross buns perhaps we should mention that we do know about all the pagan festivals and all that shizz, but don't necessarily buy into those particular festivities either". Naturally, these conversations only happened in my head, because that is fine, aye.

So very excited was I at the prospect of my hard won buns, and they were bloody disappointing. Supermarket crap. If I ever decide to treat a holiday appropriately again, I will buy decent bakery goods.

They were slightly better at the second sitting of the day with a big Denby Arabesque coffee pot and a bit of ambience, and today we bought some decent buns from the local German bakery, and we'll try the whole experiment all over again.

I did love today. It was the first weekend-ish day we've had since early January, and I've needed it. Almost can't believe Sunday and Monday will be holidays too, and have legitimate chocolate consumption. I will make no mistakes with the eggs, they will be expensive and plentiful.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Being professional, and all that shizz

Because I'm a professional, I cannot add the Tourettes Machine to my computer, because selling baby clothing doesn't naturally lend itself to smut. But by jingo, go and have a look at the site and the YouTube video therein.

And as an aside, I've been watching Gossip Girl, which is kind of rubbish, but also addictive like Bev Hills sort of. Except I just had the realisation that I am possibly older that the PARENTS on the show. Where is Andrea Zuckerman when you need her?

I'm tipping something to Tom for the tip, but it ain't my hat. In fact, it may be a free Monteiths.

LIVE blogging #2

As if the universe is reading my blog, I sell 2 Saben bags in less than 20 minutes.

I also have many desirable other things to sell, Universe, like jewellery and hats. Go the hats!

Blogging live from the shop!

Wow, this is cutting edge stuff. I'm in the shop, and I'm LIVE. In fact, I could tell you that a woman is walking past with a stroller, and that my lunch of a pear and a K Bar haven't really done the trick, and that a purple bus (why? Why did they decide purple for the new bus colour?) is driving past.

Glen is in Auckland today, on official Babylicious/Dishy business. When he comes back we should be able to start sending out all the Dishy orders and really feel like we have a new business. Until now it has all felt a bit surreal.

In girly LIVE SHOP news, the new Saben bags arrived yesterday, and I did lots of little squeals. A particularly bad-ass bit of my personality is hoping that they won't sell, and that I will be able to have them all. But I'm sure they will, they're gorgeous.

LIVE customer, better go.

Monday, March 17, 2008


I will never get over how many dinning tables, matresses and bargins there are on Trademe.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Universe delivery

Thanks Chris915 for the delivery of the most awesome Dutch liquorice. Sometimes the universe delivers in a totally blatant way. While I'm talking about the Dutch shop (again) let me point you at the cheese (again). It is only barely more expensive that ordinary stuff, and they cut if for you and wrap it in dinky paper, and while you're there you can grab some of the inexplicably delicious cheese crackers (inexplicable until you find you're bilingual, and can read Dutch, and see that the crackers are 23% butter and 16% cheese).

And while we're on this food rave, why not go around to Davis Trading. They've got an amazing range of Turkish olives and grilled sundried tomatoes in olive oil and tapenades, and they're all about $3. $3!! In the freezers there they have some great stuffed roti things. Ooooooh. Inexpicably delicious also (until you realise you're trilingual and can read Indonesian and see they have a high percentage of palm oil).

But since I've seen Juno, and been reminded of Tic Tacs, none of this matter, since Tic Tacs are a little known antidote for gluttony.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Gross story to put you off planes

My sister flew into Wellington from Melbourne last night. When she picked up her luggage she couldn't help notice that it was SATURATED IN URINE. She went to the baggage help desk, and they helpfully explained that it happens quite often when bags are situated under the animals on the plane.


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bullet point update of my silly life

  • I have many orders for hats, and no stock yet. It is a peculiar feeling for someone that likes to get things done immediately.
  • I realised I never comment on blogs anymore, but I read them all still. Does the RSS thing have this effect on everybody? (She asks ironically, knowing nobody will answer).
  • Yeah, busy thanks. Getting there though.
  • The shop is great, fun and busy. Sweet.
  • I'm recommending everyone buy their cheese and liquorice at the Dutch shop. I wish I had some right this minute, if you do, could you bring some around?
  • Our bloody woolly dog has felted. Like felt. She is a doyenne of craft.
  • I'm serious about the liquorice.
  • My brain is wobbly. Must be time for a night cap and some Flight of the Conchords.

Friday, March 07, 2008


It has been 8 days since my last confession.

Well, I'm back. I wasn't really away much, two days in Auckies at the gift fair, but my brain has been elsewhere. Elsewhere being flat out busy. In fact, I'm skiving off shifting my new website to our website host (yawn), and just generally being in denial about a whole lot of stuff I have to do (*cough* invoicing *cough*).

The Dishy project is going well, but strewth mate, what a lot of work. I'll be happy when things are just chugging along, and I have a room full of stock to send out. At the moment I have a lot of contact details, and an extremely helpful ex-owner, but it is a little nervewracking getting everything sorted in real life and also in my brain.

My brain is also not helping matters at all by SCREAMING at me to go and get a glass of wine. I suppose if my brain has got me through 35 years of life it must know a thing or two. Pinot gris, here I come... web hosting be damned.