Friday, March 21, 2008

What a good Friday

Malo's kindy had sent home a newsletter suggesting we hold off giving hot cross buns before Friday, and eggs before Sunday, and we thought this seemed like a good idea, make them more exciting and all that. So our hot cross buns have been eyeballing me from the freezer for the last two weeks, pleading with me to eat them, and I've been all virtuous and "nooooo little buns, your time will come, and it will be appropriate, even though we don't necessarily believe in the origins, although if we're going to have long conversations with hot cross buns perhaps we should mention that we do know about all the pagan festivals and all that shizz, but don't necessarily buy into those particular festivities either". Naturally, these conversations only happened in my head, because that is fine, aye.

So very excited was I at the prospect of my hard won buns, and they were bloody disappointing. Supermarket crap. If I ever decide to treat a holiday appropriately again, I will buy decent bakery goods.

They were slightly better at the second sitting of the day with a big Denby Arabesque coffee pot and a bit of ambience, and today we bought some decent buns from the local German bakery, and we'll try the whole experiment all over again.

I did love today. It was the first weekend-ish day we've had since early January, and I've needed it. Almost can't believe Sunday and Monday will be holidays too, and have legitimate chocolate consumption. I will make no mistakes with the eggs, they will be expensive and plentiful.

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