Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bullet point update of my silly life

  • I have many orders for hats, and no stock yet. It is a peculiar feeling for someone that likes to get things done immediately.
  • I realised I never comment on blogs anymore, but I read them all still. Does the RSS thing have this effect on everybody? (She asks ironically, knowing nobody will answer).
  • Yeah, busy thanks. Getting there though.
  • The shop is great, fun and busy. Sweet.
  • I'm recommending everyone buy their cheese and liquorice at the Dutch shop. I wish I had some right this minute, if you do, could you bring some around?
  • Our bloody woolly dog has felted. Like felt. She is a doyenne of craft.
  • I'm serious about the liquorice.
  • My brain is wobbly. Must be time for a night cap and some Flight of the Conchords.


Vicus Scurra said...

Yes if I were, but I won't be.

spentrails said...

I only comment
- in bullet point format;
- on special blogs.

Robyn said...

Yeah, RSS almost turned me into a virtual hermit. I have to keep remembering to click through and engaging in these cybertron communities.