Thursday, March 27, 2008

Big trucks!

Mr MiramarMike and his daughter and I had a lovely cuppa together this morning. The sun streamed in, and the birds chirped, and we both sort of schemed a bit. It was nice.

Then back out to Petone which is roadworks central. Really, really tempted to shut the doors, all I can see outside are steamrollers (I don't imagine steam has anything to do with steamrollers now, nor probably ever has in my life, given that I'm such a spring chicken), and trucks and gravel. Nup, no customers today. The Esplanade is also being dug up. Methinks someone should maybe have given some thought to the fact that the motorway is being dug up, the Esplanade, and Jackson St. All at the same time.

So I'm sitting on my arse eating liquorice and wondering why there aren't more actual buff road workers to watch, other than one chap in a vest directing traffic.

Good news for bloggie mates, and real life excellent people, Jules and Megan, who are all over the media. Yay guys! And check out Remy's t shirt, those guys deserve a foxton fizz.


Mike Riversdale said...

Methinks more scheming is required ... with wine and partners ;-)

Awesome to see ya, thanks for the keys and you've certainly made a difference, cheers

Megan Rose said...

Goodness! You have eagle eyes! I popped him into your tee shirt on purpose - it's so "I love NZ and NZ loves me" - just right for the gaggle of very cynical reporters we had to face.

We're moving down south in a few weeks so we'll take you up on that Foxton Fizz soon!

llew said...

I popped out last Monday (I was passing anyway) to ask your advice on something (I consulted the hive mind online later) - and discovered the shop is closed on Monday - but the roadworks!! Holy moly - what ARE they doing?