Friday, March 07, 2008


It has been 8 days since my last confession.

Well, I'm back. I wasn't really away much, two days in Auckies at the gift fair, but my brain has been elsewhere. Elsewhere being flat out busy. In fact, I'm skiving off shifting my new website to our website host (yawn), and just generally being in denial about a whole lot of stuff I have to do (*cough* invoicing *cough*).

The Dishy project is going well, but strewth mate, what a lot of work. I'll be happy when things are just chugging along, and I have a room full of stock to send out. At the moment I have a lot of contact details, and an extremely helpful ex-owner, but it is a little nervewracking getting everything sorted in real life and also in my brain.

My brain is also not helping matters at all by SCREAMING at me to go and get a glass of wine. I suppose if my brain has got me through 35 years of life it must know a thing or two. Pinot gris, here I come... web hosting be damned.


Amanda said...

Nothing wrong with a little Pinot gris

miss_seph said...

CRAP there was a gift fair?? uggghhhh totally missed out!