Monday, March 31, 2008

First day failure

Yesterday didn't go so well with the planned health kick. There were a couple of reasons; there was an opened bottle of pinot gris in the fridge, and the solo parenting lark we do in the weekend (with one of us at the shop) is exhausting, and by the time 4.30pm rolls around we seriously need a treat.

That is no excuse for the fact a second bottle of wine was opened. I'm paying for it today. Bleurgh.

Oh well, onward and upward. 1st April will be a new start.


Sarah Lee said...

I hear you Martha! You are not alone! I'm forever setting myself new goals and trying to stock up the cupboard with appealing, healthy alternatives. But when 5pm comes round the healthy alternatives and the planned yoga/jog etc. just don't calm my nerves fast enough and in the same way!

I go to bed most nights trying to retrain my thinking. Perhaps a trip to a hypnotist will work?!

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

There is only one way to stop consuming treats, and that is to stop buying them. I feel for you in a shop full of Foxton Fizz (it's bad for me, but if I was there, all day, how could I resist?) amongst shops full of liquorice, or, in my case, the white chocolate with nuts and raisins which is my downfall

miss_seph said...

This is entirely too much pressure to put on yourself Martha! Consider me the red devil on your shoulder - Don't bother :) Go get another bottle of Pinot Gris, a bag of Pita crisps, and some hummus :D Enjoy!

Ninja Pirate Dogs said...

Cathi has drunk the correct from the empty wine bottle.

If you don't by rubbish you don't eat rubbish.

Martha Craig said...

Thanks guys for your support. The problem with not buying the treats is that they are not bought until I'm cheating until I'm cheating. The Dutch shop must go.

peterquixote said...

some days you win,
some you lose.
nothing is easy
remember who you are today and be proud